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Top 10 Banned Mobile Apps || Pastimers

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These APPS to boost your instagram are specific to IOS, so I’m not sure if they are available for Android. 5 APPs for stories! – (Excuse the typo in the intro “experimence” haha!) Let me know if you have found any good apps. Follow me on Instagram: MY MUSIC: MY LR PRESETS: […]

The 13 Best Guitar APPS for 2019

If you prefer reading over a video – here’s the text version of this post: The 13 Best Guitar Apps That You Will Actually USE In 2019 *Quick links for all these apps in the App Store & Google Play are below* After trying almost a 100 different apps for different needs, here they are […]

Top 5 To-Do List Apps of 2019

To-do list applications are riot in 2019, our goal in this video is to summarise the top 5 to-do list applications that solve the majority of productivity issues. Picking your to-do list application is important, so here are five to go and explore. 📋 Get the To-Do List Course: — 🏅 THANKS TO KEEP […]

10 Must Have Mac Apps of 2019!

This video has been sponsored by CleanMyMac. CleanMyMac X is a must have tool to clean, protect and speed up your Mac. Download here: Download CleanMyPC for Windows here: One of the best things about macOS is the fact that there are so many great apps available for the platform, be it on […]

Kivy Tutorial #1 – How to Create Mobile Apps With Python

This kivy tutorial covers how to create mobile apps using python. Kivy allows for development of cross compatible apps using python and the kv language. It is fairly straight forward to use and is very powerful. Text-Based Tutorial: Looking to learn python? Enroll in my course! PIP Commands: python -m pip install –upgrade […]

Tutorial 2: How to Backup your contacts, messages and apps on Android!

Hey Everyone! In this tutorial, we learn how to back up contacts, messages and apps on Android. We just need the contact app to backup our contact list. We use SMS Backup & Restore to save our messages and we use Titanium Backup ★ root to back up apps. You only need root to back […]

iOS Tutorial (2020): How To Make Your First App

In this iOS tutorial, you’ll learn how to get set up for iOS app development, how to use the tools required and how to write/read Swift code so that you can build your own app! By the end of this iOS development tutorial, you’ll have built your first fully functional app! Note: Missing your main.storyboard […]

Best Apps To Remove Background Image

Here are the best apps to remove background image. I’ve put together a list of the best background remover apps for Android and iPhone and these photo eraser apps are perfect for cutting images out for thumbnails or channel art. There are both eraser apps for Android and eraser apps for iPhone in this video. […]


With so many language apps out there, your favourite polyglot gal has fallen a bit behind on all the new ones that have bombarded our App Stores in the year 2018! Some old, some new…which ones are really here to help you learn and which ones are just a waste of time? I put our […]