👽 Area 51m REVIEW UNBOXING 😍 [1st Look] Alienware Best Gaming Laptop 2019?

Area 51m Review & Unboxing – Alienware Area 51m Gaming Laptop Review – Detailed First Look – Best Gaming Laptop 2019? – PART 1

In this Area 51m Review & Unboxing Video of the Best Gaming Laptop for 2019(?) my subscribers will find out if I chose the Lunar Light color or the Dark Side of the Moon color for my new area 51m.
Find out in my fully detailed Review & Unboxing of this beautiful Alienware Area 51m Gaming Laptop!

I review the Area-51m’s packaging, box contents, overview of the main Area 51m Gaming Laptop casing, I show all the ports, do the first lid open, first boot, and also take a look in the BIOS + MORE!


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👽 Area 51m Gaming Laptop Review & Unboxing Pt.1

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Comment (27)

  1. ⭐️ Please enjoy my Part 1 Unboxing / Review of the Alienware Area 51m Fastest Gaming Laptop!! 😍 In this video I take you through my entire unboxing experience, check the contents, first boot up, the BIOS and MORE!! Please ask any questions in this comments section and i'll be sure to address them in the Part 2 Review of my new workhorse beauty – The Alienware Area 51m Gaming Laptop

  2. Wow thanks for your reply . I apologize for my typing mistake. I was going to type sata ssd though. I actually didn’t inspect the laptop myself but my friend who helped me to wait for the laptop did. He checked it with hardware detecting softwares and shown the ssd is sata. He opened up the back vending lid to try to check the ssd . I wish I could upload the pictures for the ssd. It didn’t have any brand or models information on it but a qr quote and a serial number. And the cpu is 8700 not 9th gen i7 which I ordered and confirmed with the sales twice before and after placing the order.When I made the order, I wouldn’t expect this….. the sales team ensured my order will arrive before my plane’s departure lol . It arrived two weeks after I left for UK. But the sales team did a good job on the order statue update while the customer care team kept asked me to cancel my order (I was asked to cancel order 11 times and told if I couldn’t wait with very unfriendly attitude).All the help and updates are from the sales team. Thank you very much for your recommendation I will try it on my Metabox prime x p 775 . They did higher specs and better cooling system and much much better customer service and tech support at similar price.

  3. When you check your ssd manufactures, you will find the put the sega sata ssd on your laptop which should not be put on this price range laptop. $85 cheap and slow ssd. And when you paid for 9th gen intel i7 but they gave you 8tj gen instead. Although confirmed twice with the sales regarding the 9th gen i7. This happened to me and I have already asked for return and refund . It is totally a fraud.

  4. So, a small comparison:
    MSI GE75 Raider w. 2x8GB 2666, 8750H, RTX2080, 17 inch 144Hz (no GSync) – €2999
    Alienware 51M w. 2x8GB 2400, i7 9700(desktop cpu), RTX2080, 17 inch 144Hz G-Sync – €3449
    imo if it wasn't for the riddiculous double power supply I would be all over the 51m…and then probably in Lunar light color scheme. Really, really hoped they'd use a single 330W PSU. Different Power sockets are also a bummer, otherwise you could run a single Y-cable to both.

    Hold on…..wtf is Dell's website doing. I just chose the 9900K + 2080 version and it's now €3518 and not 4200. Weird. I suggest you guys take a good look at the site since it's showing different pricing, seems like.

  5. I'm stunned beyond belief that they ship a $5k laptop in that box with handles exposed and markings clearly indicating what is inside. that box would never make it to delivery in the USA. Stolen immediately.

  6. I'm really considering getting a 51m this summer, I've been watching every review I can find
    I really love the black and white color scheme option – definitely has a sci-fi look
    also trying to justify my pulling the trigger on its price tag =P

  7. How long did it actually to for the computer to reach you counting from the order date? I ordered mine on the 25th of March and the only shipping update is that it's waiting for an update in the shipping hub in Denmark. (I live in Sweden)

  8. Sticking To Those Details!! Very well done and nicely organized!! – Enjoyed the Opening Music – Is that your music production or ?? – Alienware did a great job with the packaging – Display Panel looks good in 2 Colors 🙂 – I'm impressed with the RGB Keyboard — You started to mention the keyboard quality – Definitely interested in your thoughts on the keyboard – have seen some mention that the keyboard is "squishy" near the left shift/tab keys – Do you plan to use the keyboard or are you going with an external keyboard/mouse?? – Be Blessed!!!

  9. In part 2 i'd really like to see how well the Alienware Area 51m with the i9-9900k CPU with the rtx2070 handles video editing and rendering? great job, thanks for sharing your passion!


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