Ultimate Gaming Laptop for Rs 60,000 | Ryzen 5 & Radeon RX 560X Beast

Ultimate Gaming Laptop for 60,000 Rs India Unboxing & Review 2019 | Best Mid Range Gaming Laptop in India under 60,000 Rs | Asus TUF Gaming AMD FX705DY Gaming Laptop Unboxing & Review India 2019
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Asus TUF Gaming FX705DY — https://www.amazon.in/FX705DY-AU027T-17-3-inch-5-3550H-Windows-Graphics/dp/B07P3CH843

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Comment (21)

  1. In what universe is a low powered ryzen 5 and rx 560x, a beast? For 60k it's a good deal, is what it is! There are no beasts in this price range, unless you are playing on potato settings.

  2. I always wonder what you do with all your Gaming accessories… People make videos of their gaming cpus .. and then play games.. and games.. but you.. you just keep buying / of getting it for review , / building pc and laptop.. … Start playing games , start streaming if you have best pc.. , i own one pc.. with.. low configuration… Gt210…1gb.. , i want to start streaming..but i can't , u have everything but still..


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