CNET News – launches new Puls wearable but do not call it a watch Black Eye Peas front man and entrepreneur is joining the wearables craze with Puls, what he calls a smart “cuff” with a sim card. CNET’s Brian Tong chatted with about creating his new device, what he learned at Beats and how he hopes to inspire young people. source

Rogers O'Brien's Use of Leveraging Wearable's in Construction | BrainXChange

In this exciting presentation closing out EWTS 2016, Joe Williams and Todd Wynne of Rogers-O’Brien Construction take us to their office, the building site, where there are no desks or chairs (only challenges); where projects are constantly changing; and where not every worker is able to return home from the job safely. According to Joe […]

re:publica 2015 – Thomas Andrae: Wearables – current developments on the path to relevant app…

Find out more at: The key question is: “How can we turn data into actionable information?” Thomas Andrae 3M New Ventures Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Germany (CC BY-SA 3.0 DE) source

Wearable Technology in Healthcare

This is a video detailing one of the popular wearable technology trends in 2015: preventative healthcare. Want to learn more about medical software? Our free guide can get your started: Patient-generated data can be used to improve preventative care strategies, monitor patient outcomes, and analyze overall trends in patient populations. We conducted a nationwide […]

How digital payment with wearables will make your day

Style2Pay will make your day: from the first coffee in the morning until taking the tube home late at night, you can enjoy the freedom of digital, seamless and secure payment with Style2Pay wearables. source

Samsung Galaxy Fit (Black) Review: A New Samsung Wearable

This review covers the Galaxy Fit, a new fitness tracker sold by Samsung. This first review leads me to say that this is a pretty good product, but the $100 price tag tells me that we need to take a look at the Galaxy Fit E, priced around $50 with similar features, before coming to […]

The Future of Wearables | Lee Shupp | TEDxSonomaCounty

In this talk, Lee Shupp explores our relationship with technology as it related to “wearables” – the technology that will be on us, and then in us, and then part of us. Event video, projection and audio services produced by Lee Shupp sparks innovation with clients by understanding how technology, consumers and culture are […]

Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting Module for Appliances and Wearables

Article + Schematic + Components List: A demonstration video showcasing how a small energy harvester circuit (using an LTC3108) can be used to harvest low levels of heat energy from a thermoelectric generator (TEG). The TEG can be heated on one side with a low to medium heat source (i.e from body heat or […]

Rugged Wearable Electronics

Becky Stern’s tips for making your wearable electronics projects withstand the elements for your next camping trip, Burning Man, or interactive dance performance. We’ve got tutorials for everything you see above! Projects appearing in the video: Cyberfalls NeoPixel Wig: NeoPixel Bangle Bracelet: Iron Man Arc Reactor: Firewalker Sneakers: VU Meter Hat: […]

Wearables in Smart Fabrics Fashion Show – 2018 MRS Spring Meeting

MRS TV visits the Wearables in Smart Fabrics Fashion Show, which explores the intersection of materials technology and smart garment/wearable design and provides a window on the future of materials science in this field. source