InVue Wearable Solutions

InVue Wearable Solutions provide a clean, consistent design and security for wearables on display. Available in 3 configurations: WS2 Exposed Cord, W2000 Recoiler, and the OnePOD Wearable. source

Pilot of the Longitudinal Study on Child Development Based on Wearable Technologies in Malawi

Collection of data can sometimes be a difficult job due to unavoidable constraints. With the advancement in technology, wearables offer a potential turning point in the collection of research data in the developing world. To our knowledge, this project is the first to attempt to use wearables in the developing world for high-frequency data collection […]

TCL Wearable Display Concept Hands-on: A multiplex on your head

At TCL’s booth at IFA 2019, we saw their “wearable display concept,” a headset that tries to approximate the feel of watching a movie in the theater. TCL also showed off their (very early stage) foldable phone concepts, using a new butterfly hinge that lets the foldable close with no gap. Get More Engadget: • […]

Designing for Wearables Exhibitions

Students presenting prototypes of wearable technology at an exhibition at Malmö University. Designing for Wearables students got the opportunity to display their final projects after investigating the theme of the future of digital wearables. The exhibition showcased a fusion between art and technology design. It featured a skin-thin braille keyboard for the visually impaired, smart […]

Why Wrist Wearables Don't Work – AIO Sleeve

Komodo Technologies Co-Founder, Elvis Goren, talks about why the AIO Smart Sleeve is the best solution for all athletes and gym goers. Order Today! source

João Bocas Keynote at WHINN 17 – Can Wearables Really Help Us?

The Wearables Expert, João Bocas, digital health & wearables entrepreneur, CEO at Digital Salutem, talking about how wearables help us and the challenges from the consumer perspective. The rise of wearables in fitness and healthcare fields and what is the perspective of the future of wearable technology. Find more info: source

Atlas Wearable – Hands On REVIEW

Atlas Wearable – Hands On REVIEW Buy Atlas Wearables from Amazon here: Atlas Wearables have designed a very unique fitness tracker: Here is the instructional from Atlas: Buy from here: This band / tracker / watch is the ONLY fitness device to automatically detect your exercise and track reps seamlessly. Check out […]

SAFER Kids by Leaf Wearables- Smart Watch for safety of your child

SAFER kids is designed to keep kids safe and connected to parents. This colorful smart watch with GPS tracker and SIM card functionality is made for kids 4-11 years old. It gives great peace of mind to parents by enabling to know the whereabouts of their kids. Kids can call and receive calls from 7 […]

Mood-Predicting Wearables

Paper: source

Becoming Human: Wearable Technology and Us | Tom Emrich | TEDxYouth@Toronto

We Are Wearables founder Tom Emrich talks about switching perspectives on technology – How wearable technology will reconnect us to ourselves and to one another. Tom is a passionate writer, consultant, and community builder. He founded We Are Wearables, an organization that rallies the tech community together to discover, discuss, and demo wearable tech, quickly […]