Meet the Man Who Has Spent $70,000 Playing a Mobile Game

Sony’s mobile role-playing game “Fate/Grand Order” takes up most of 31-year-old Daigo’s time—and a lot of his money: His in-game purchases total more than $70,000. It’s worth it, he says. Devotees like Daigo have made “Fate/Grand Order” Sony’s most profitable game ever.

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Comment (48)

  1. 最初ジルドレェがジャンヌゥって言いながら死んでいくシーンチョイスしたの、絶対プレイヤーが制作者にいるやろ。


  2. I don't need it, I don't need it, I don't neeeeed it.

    Please video, give me a reason. Cause I've downloaded it but not pressed start yet.

    Stop me because the call of Salter is too strong. And the lost belt nears its end.

  3. Well, to be honest, if I had that much money with a big income, I'd most likely spend more on the game too. But I'm not rich so I always limit my expenditure. I only purchase on a few banners (for the servants I'm really interested in) and on guranteed gachas.

  4. 70k dollars? And you act like this is a lot? Well if you media invest time in some groups, you will find that 70k$ is very very small compare with those crazy guys. An easy example for you, check pubg mobile battle pass ranking and you will understand. We need a video about a gamer who spent more than 500k$ on games not 70k$

  5. Believe me, if I have money I will waste it like him too, buying lots of manga/dj, buying all the digital drawing stuff, buying all the cosplay costume… its just I'm broke. What can I say…


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