How to Upgrade Your Laptop with an SSD Drive

Lisa Gade shows you how to upgrade your laptop with an SSD using the Plextor M6S 256 gig SSD. SSDs (solid state drive) are now relatively affordable, and they’re a great way to dramatically boost performance since they’re much faster than conventional spinning hard drives. They’re also immune to shock, unlike conventional hard drives. We use the Asus ROG G750 to demonstrate replacing a SATA drive, and discuss software options to backup or transfer your data from your old drive to the new SSD. The Plextor M6S is an affordable midrange SSD drive that’s available in a variety of capacities and it competes with the Samsung EVO 840 series in terms of price and performance. The M6S is standard 7mm height 2.5” SATA 3.0 SSD drive, and the M6M is an mSATA version for Ultrabooks with an mSATA rather than SATA bay.


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  1. I HAVA LAPTOP CHAGE TO HADRIVE TO SSD.. SO I have to also install window 7 … normally we backup I hard disk or drive so in this case I can install off micro soft office other software or will be aap …

  2. Which side is the boot drive C ? Left or right?

    I have the 2 HDD drives and not sure which drive has the OS system.

    If I take one of the hdd drives out and turn on laptop and nothing loads is that a safe way to test?

  3. A very thorough & educational video. I did learn something new. That some new laptop’s. Can have two driver in them. I’m surprised you did not. Take out the DVD Drive. There is an adapter for it. That turns your DVD Drive into a SSD Drive. Thank you very much for posting this video. You young Ms. have a new subscriber. Thank you.

  4. guy! i need help! what if i have 800gb used space on my 1 terabyte old hdd and i wanted to transfer from a 500gb SSD. i know one of the option is i need to copy some of my files to an external hard drive and transfer those files later to the SSD.
    but i dont have an external hd.
    can i instead run my old hdd as my 2nd disc and copy whats inside to my new ssd?

  5. Im not all that well versed in these types of things, so I watched this video. She did just fine in clarifying EXACTLY what I needed to know. I think it’s great that she spoke quickly. I watched 15 videos before this one and didnt learn anything relevant to my situation.

  6. Beautiful lisa ( I´m gonna make a song with this title ), thanks for this video. I just have a cuestion: May I do this with my tiny HP mini 5103 ?, I finded one as new and I like it because is small and I can travel with it without problems. Thanks again.

  7. Just a quick question can anyone tell me just plain and simple how can I clone my entire HDD(windows 10, photos and a few files) to a brand new SSD? Ive done it before on a MacBook Pro and did not need to download any other software to clone it and this will be my first time on a Windows laptop.

  8. for those of you bitching about this video you can slow it down it settings so your brain can easily catch it 🙂 Lisa this video really helped me alot and saved me about 40$ is fees i had to pay to the person replacing it! thanks for all the help!!


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