LG gram 17 Review – Lightest 17" Laptop

Lisa Gade reviews the LG gram 17, which is by far the lightest 17” laptop in the world. This nano-carbon-magnesium laptop weighs just 2.95 lb. / 1.3 kg, and is slim at 17.8mm. The gram 17 runs Windows 10 on the Core i7-8565U processor, which is Intel’s Whiskey Lake late 8th gen quad core 15 watt CPU for Ultrabooks. It has 16GB DDR4 RAM, a 512GB SSD and a very nice skinny bezel 2560 x 1600 IPS display with a 16:10 aspect ratio like Apple’s MacBook laptops. It has Thunderbolt 3, HDMI, 3 USB-A ports and Ethernet via included dongle adapter.
** Get in on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2UWHY2K


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  1. I really like LG Gram but I bought a 17 inch LG Ultra PC which was A LOT cheaper than LG Gram but feels really premium and specs are almost the same. It is just a little heavier and thicker than LG Gram but that is if I have to compare it to LG Gram. LG Ultra PC itself still is super thin and light. I'm really satisfied with this.

  2. Would this LG gram 17 work good for stock trading software? Lots of real time number crunching going on in the background due to the indicators. I am trying to decide between this or the MSI GE75 Raider Gaming Laptop. I know the battery sucks on the MSI, but I think you mentioned you can disable the Nvidia graphics and just use the onboard intel to save battery power on the MSI

  3. thanks for this review. question about the ram module that can be upgraded: does it have to match the type of onboard ram, which is DDR4 2400MHz? i'm considering replacing the 8gb module with the samsung 32gb ddr4 2666mhz (260 pin sodimm, 1.2V) module but the mhz are different and i'm not sure about the rest of the specs, meaning 260 pin sodimm, 1.2V. do those types of differences matter? also, is there a maximum ram size for that slot?

  4. The pricing is beyond ridiculous. I have just purchased an Asus ROG Strix III with i7 9750, RTX 2070 (full fat), 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD for GBP 1600 or USD 2,060 or AUD 3000. I looked into buying the Gram 17 for almost a year. In the end, I could not justify the stupidly. Sure it's light, but what else is it? (bordering on useless specification wise)

  5. Looks decent though for the price, a 1Tb m.2 SSD should have been included not a 512Gb capacity.
    Too bad there's so much wasted room inside as it's to keep the weight down to a 'gram'.
    LG should've at least included a dedicated GPU or upgraded the SSD to a NVME version instead of using a SATA version. Better yet, install a 4K screen.
    So many things that LG could have done but didn't mainly to sell the LG Gram as one of the lightest notebooks in the marketplace but sacrificing some other features.
    Overall, the LG Gram appears overpriced for what it is and what it's not.
    Costco currently has it listed for $1499 and hopefully it'll be marked down for Black Friday or Christmas.

  6. IMO, this is the best laptop for software development work. Sure, out of the box the memory and storage specs aren't too impressive. But unlike a lot of laptops in the ultrabook category, the memory is upgradeable. I have mine maxed out at 40GB of memory. It also has not one, but two M.2. slots. I have two 1TB sticks in mine. I can be running virtual machines all day long on my Gram. And the 17" screen means you can actually run the QHD display at full resolution without scaling and not need a magnifying glass. Essential for having your code editor on one half of the screen, and a browser and/or terminal window on the other half. The Precision touchpad, while not really in Macbook category, is really good for a Windows laptop. Multitouch swiping left and right to switch virtual desktops in Windows 10 works almost as fluidly as it does on a Macbook. The keyboard is also very comfortable to type on. If I have to complain about it, it's probably a little too mushy. But I'm a mechanical keyboard guy, so no laptop keyboard is going to make me 100% happy. Overall, just a really awesome laptop for software development.

  7. the only flaw in this is cooling, the heat pipe is too thin and cannot cool more than 10watts sustained. Also, the 17 inch needs a second ram slot. instead of embedded(having one slot is great by having 2 would make it future proof).

  8. Great laptop overall but why they don't offer a version without the 10key number pad escapes me. I'm sure if you have petite hands this is a fine keyboards but for adult males, it is a tad crowded. All they needed to do was offer the exact same laptop with a standard keyboard for a laptop.

  9. I saved $1,000 dollars buy getting this instead of a MacBook pro it is awesome! going to upgrade it to 32gb 1.5tb ssd 🙂 nice 2k screen super thin bezels man its awesome. a true laptop if you want a touch screen get a surface pro.

  10. This shit is sooo overpriced. Look at it's SSD, WTF, why it is only 500mb/s? Couldn't it be full PCI Express speed? SSDs are so cheap today. And another thing is the quality of speakers. Another thing which looks bad is touch pad, could be really bigger. That is such a disappointing laptop which could turn out better 👎

  11. Question, since this is a higher resolution then FHD does it have any “scaling” issues like 4K with any programs or anything of the sort that you’ve noticed?

  12. Hi Lisa! You mention the hard drive as NVME, but on the specs section of their website, it shows the SSD as a 2280. To my knowledge, those two don't combine. Is it not NVME? I hope not, because I can get a 2TB WD m.2 for just over $200 now.

  13. This dear woman makes some of the best tech reviews on YouTube. I got this computer based on her review, and now I'm re-watching the video as a tutorial so I can take the back off properly and install a bigger SSD!

  14. If I could get it with a non 10key keyboard I'd replace my Samsung 9 15. I tried it out and really like it other than the 10key. The other issue is both Samsung and LG make getting a spare AC unit way too difficult to get. I hope with the next model they figure a way to put in a replaceable wifi chip instead of soldering it.

  15. Could you please speak more clearly ? I am a nonnative English speaker. It’s really very hard to follow you. And I think there are a lots of people like me think in the same way.

  16. Thanks to 17” with about 69% Adobe RGB and Thunderbolt 3 port
    as for 3 USB A and HDMI.

    Good start LG, next
    time ask a video/photo editor 😊

    Out in the rugged field, chassis and display lid flex gives
    a non-solid feel.

    Full SD card slot (for micro users there is an adapter).

    Full size (XPS feel and brighter lit) keyboard (forget the
    number pads, office folks can get a calculator).

    Bigger trackpad size

    Faster drive please, PCIe of at least size 1TB, better 3 TB

    Give us a dedicated GPU

    Give us photo/video editors 32 GB Ram

    Give us under 1.0 average color error and work on screen

    Give us a solid ethernet port, no one wants to be plenty hours
    radiated with wireless.

    Less important: Speakers sound bad, not sure if only due to positioning.

    Keep it under $2000 and you have a runner up!

  17. Hi Lisa Gade. I'm a big fan of your videos and purchased a number of laptops over the years based on your very well done reviews. The same thing ended up happening with the LG Gram 17. Unfortunately I have to disagree with a few points you made about this laptop. At 6:32 you state you had no problems with thermal throttling on this machine and that seems utterly impossible as this machine throttles after a few seconds of heavy load with the CPU reaching 90 degree celsius before the fan even kicks in. The tiny fan cannot handle the 15 W produces by the CPU and thermal throttling is a huge issue on the machine. Which is disappointing considering there would be so much space in the chassis for a better thermal solution. I find it surprising you didn't see that in your test. Running any stress test and looking at the cpu temps/freqs immediately reveals the issue. Maybe you could do such things in future tests instead of just stating "we didn't see thermal throttling" – making it seem like you just didn't look for it.
    Also speakers are definitely lacking a lot of bass and sound like cardboard. Other than that it's a great machine.


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