Flip Camera Review

In-depth Flip camera review by professional cameraman Simon Banks.

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  1. Hello, i just wanted to ask you a few questions about the flip camera. How much does it cost? Does it have an sd card? If u use batteries in the camera, how long do they last? I hope someone can answer my questions. Thank you

  2. Anyone know how good this thing is in concerts? I'm just wondering about the audio on this thing because the guy in the video didn't mention anything about the audio.

  3. Well, the flip wasn't made for professional recording. It's just something to carry around with you and when you see something you want to record, you can do it quickly and easily. It seems a lot of people get frustrated over this, thinking they can make professional movies with it.

  4. @ZiLLYisDope Do you actually realised what did you just asked because if you don't I will tell you that its probably one of the dumbest question. ' Why do videos that review cameras, use better camera than what they're reviewing?' Because they are professional dumb ass. Its like saying oh Twightlight sega is a shit film but why they used such a good video camera. Your question telling me what type of person you are.

  5. Good review…I believe Kodak has now, or going to relaease their own version of the flip. Hopefully they have fixed the problem of flip cameras freezing or dying which mine did…..


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