Digital Cameras Putting Pictures on Your Computer Part 1

In this video, we go over how to transfer pictures from your digital camera onto your computer using a program that should already be on your computer.


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  1. Absolutely great video. I just watched some of three other videos on this subject and was confused before getting very far. You can't talk to whoever is speaking, so you can't ask questions. This video left no questions. Thank you.

  2. When you plug up the card to the computer you are given a choice to download pictures. What if you just want to view the pictures on the computer screen? Do you have to import them and then delete them if you do not want them saved?

  3. Transferring pictures from your camera to your computer is so intuitive these days, I cannot remember not ever knowing how to do it. Connect camera or card to the computer, navigate to your pictures and copy/paste them to a suitable folder onto your computer. Depending on how many pictures to be transferred, it will take anything from a few seconds to around five minutes. Maybe around nine years ago, my method was not possible?

  4. Hello my camera suddenly stopped transferring photos by a USB to  a laptop. Now if I connect it , it does not  get recognized by my laptop but the camera becomes still. .What can I do now?Thnx..

  5. This seems very easy & helpful. When I first got my camera & computer, I took just 5 pictures & connected the cable to my laptop & did nothing. It just put my pics in a folder. Since then, I took a lot of pics & made videos in between the pictures. So some are videos & some are pictures all mixed in together. So now what? I plugged it in & can't figure out what to do. Nothing seems to work.  

  6. i do not own a digital camera,i have a vista computer, what kind of camera should i buy?do i need a camera that is compatable with vista? or what do i need? i would like to have a camera to put pictures on facebook,there must be something out there for a beginner like me,thanks

  7. Or older people. I found this video just now trying to explain it to a woman I know who has been a shut in most of her life and is just now learning there is an outside world.


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