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Temporary tattoos have moved beyond the lick-and-stick kind in Cracker Jack boxes.

A company called Prinker showed off its Prinker S, a temporary tattoo printer that sprays ink onto your skin in any design you want. The $269 device uses cosmetic ink-filled cartridges, and the waterproof temps last until you intentionally scrub them off.

Perks include no needles, no commitment and no wait time. But if you thought ink for your printer was expensive, you won’t be thrilled to find out that the color ink runs $149 per set of cartridges.

One black ink cartridge is included when you buy the Prinker S. It’s available on Amazon from third-party sellers or on Prinker’s official website.

Some of the temporary tats we saw looked real but weathered. They looked like tattoos that you got years ago rather than a new one you just designed and printed.

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