Beginners Blender 3D: Tutorial 26 – Camera Animation Techniques

In this tutorial, we look at two ways to animate the camera in Blender – first by moving the camera in Top Ortho view and second by animating live in Fly Mode.


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  1. at my second rotation it turns the wrong way. it kinda looks derpy. it goes like the path at keyframe 0 and then turns anti clockwise to frame 25 and then turns clockwise to frame 50 anti clockwise to 75 and anti clockwise to 100.

  2. Thank you for this tutorial .. it was Fantastic!  
    However, I'm having difficulty Rendering it out. It is just producing black frames. 
    I have enough lighting and am checking in the Rendered Viewport that there's enough light. I'm stumped?! 

  3. cheers bud some good ideas. would you have any tips on speeding up rendering while keeping the grain level to a minimum? takes me over 3 hours for a 10second vid on 10 samples for a basic camera sweep on a simple extruded text. ive an i5 quad core 6GB ram


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