Asus G50vt x5 Gaming Laptop

I bought this from Best Buy the other day, great laptop for the money. $899.99 I’d suggest, if you have about $970 to spare, I’d pick this up. Anyways, here’s another little video.


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  1. Hey so i was thinking to get this laptop but i need to know.. is this laptop good for CoD, Minecraft, Battlefield3 and all of that? Thanks

    Oh and is it good for rendering videos and uploading it to youtube or downloading stuff is fine on it?

  2. @nonecanhandleme i play wow and my dps went up 2k with a asus on ultra setting
    and i used to have a dell on lowest settings i got mine from best buy, alot of good ones there i see.

  3. @MrReview21 I use a Logitech G9 mouse and if you wanted an external keyboard I would recommend a saitek eclipse II, they are quiet and really nice and comfortable.

  4. @RaptorTX915 But you have to realize, if you travel a lot you can't take a desktop PC everywhere you go… Or if you're on a plane you can't bust out a desktop and play some CoD4 or something. Desktops will always be better for gaming, but if you're on the go, sitting at college waiting for class to start, you'll be able to play some games. 😛 It has it's levels of convenience


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