The alternative App Store for iPhones

When it comes to the App Store, Apple’s philosophy around apps on the iPhone has been consistent. You need to follow its rules, or you’re not allowed on iOS. But app developer Riley Testut has a new strategy for distributing mobile apps outside the App Store, and it’s called AltStore. It’s an alternative app store for the iPhone that lets you install any app, without needing to jailbreak your phone or install an enterprise certificate. He built it initially as a way to distribute his Nintendo emulator Delta, but now he thinks it could support all kinds of software Apple doesn’t allow on the App Store. And the best part: anyone can download it.

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Comment (42)

  1. The jailbreaking community isn’t really as dead as he says it is. There are many applications like Tweakbox, Tutuapp, and hell even the Unc0ver OTA download itself (the jailbreak I’m on, 12.4 A12). Jailbreaking is bigger than ever. And yes, I’ll agree, apple has most of the old school jailbreak staples in today’s iOS. But jailbreaking is still a cool way to get access to your device that some people move to android for. Why not keep your iPhone and jailbreak to have all the features of both an android and an iPhone?

  2. Actually I think it’s good apple locked the iphone to just a “phone”. For gaming n stuff I have my laptop. I might get a iPad soon. But gaming or power user work on phone seems a bit small.

  3. To everyone saying Riley "snitched" and got the app taken down:

    Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before Apple patched its software and disabled the app and all similar apps. If Riley thought there was any chance he could've prevented the app getting taken down or avoided ios getting patched, he likely wouldn't have done this interview.

    Also once his app gets taken down he'll likely start work on a new way to get it up and running again.

  4. Some think the guy in the video freely and happily openly discussing his innovative software is somehow comparable to a rapper (6ix9ine) being brave enough to man up and do the right thing by taking a plea bargain in order to avoid going to jail for 50 years for pretending to be a gangster, stupidly starting random beefs and for making himself an associate to murders and racketeering.

    I bought a digital copy of Takeshi69's first album (even though I have a digital streaming service subscription) before he became famous, because he had good raps and because I felt proud to support a young man working hard to make a living for himself. When Takeshi's nest album comes out I will buy it because he still makes good raps and because I will be proud to support someone who has finally grown up and become a man.


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