Quick Tip: Use GoPro mounts/ mounting system on ANY camera!

Sometimes I don’t want to use my GoPro…

To use any camera (well almost any…) with the GoPro mounting system, all you need is the tripod mount for a GoPro, a length of 1/4-20 threaded rod or set screw (I used 1.5 inches), two 1/4-20 nuts, wing nuts, or knurled nuts (what I used)and a 10-32 fastener (with washer and nut) that is about 1.5 inches long. You need to use this b/c the GoPro system is designed to fit two prongs to 3 prongs… if you fit 3 to 3, the handled fasteners that come with it are not long enough, so you have to get a longer fastener. Advanced Tip: You could even take the fastener in the handle, pop that out, replace it with one slightly longer if you want to keep the stock look.

Take the nut off of either the tripod or the mating part, wedge the two GoPro three prong parts together and then use the 10-32 fastener screw to couple everything together. I used the nut so I could have an extra bit of tightening ability. The washer was to cover the hex head pocket that the GoPro closed end nut sits in.

From there, take your 1/4-20 threaded rod and thread it into the tripod mount. Take one 1/4-20 nut and spin it down to the base and tighten it. Take the other one and spin it down enough to get the camera on. Thread the camera on, orient it (but don’t fully tighten it to the 1/4-20 rod). Use the other nut to tighten against the camera.

Since I made this video I spruced up the thing by adding a soft rubber washer between the nuts and the tirpod mount and the camera. This lets me compress against it so the nut can’t come loose.

WARNING: Do this on your own accord. I’m not responsible if you try to treat your point and shoot or DSLR like a GoPro and break your camera. This is just really good to use if you need to mount a “real” camera some place…


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  1. For some reason, I love the way you throw things off screen haha – nice video, Brandon, and handy tips! Thank you. I think the number 10 and 32 will stay with me forever 🙂

  2. Have you tried a point and shoot with the suction cup to any extent, am interested if it holds the heavier camera in place, a p&s would also be way surer to break incase it would come loose.
    Also thanks for the video! 🙂

  3. I think i just answered one of my questions, by rewatching your video. I *do* need the "TriPod Mount" (from GoPro) in order to attach to the CAMERA. And then i need the other mounting device, which will probably be the Handlebar/Tube mount, in order to mount to my Trek Road bike. I sure hope that this works.

  4. Brandon, I do NOT have a GoPro camera, or any of the accessories.But i do have a good non-gopro camera similar to yours. I am trying to figure out how many GoPro accessories that i need to buy (since i have none). I do see your list. You mention the TriPod Mount. Did you try GoPro's "Handlebar/Stem mount". I am looking at their website, to see which parts to order, and saw the Handlebar/Stem mount. I admit that i am NOT familiar with their part. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  5. take an allen key or longer bolt and insert it like you would the gopro fastener – and tap the end until it comes out. That or grap some vice grips and clamp onto the rounded head of the nut and just pull it out.


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