Lenovo Legion Y740S is a Gaming Laptop with no Dedicated GPU!

Hands on with the Lenovo Legion Y740S and Lenovo BoostStation eGPU. Lenovos thinnest 15″ gaming laptop. Watch for the full hands on review!

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  1. It will be unfair to call it "gaming" while it still has only 60hz display options. The idea is exactly the same as Razer Blade Stelth + Razer Core back in 2016 (which I currently using)

  2. this size egpu enclosure… you could build a full gaming pc in there with higher cpu and gpu performance than the laptop+enclosure combo. wish these weren't over 2L volume, maybe using MXM Type B, so still upgradable

  3. Yes, it is something I'm actually looking for. I was thinking about buying the Y740 for music production and slight video editing, so if this one has a more powerful CPU would be a better option for me. Looking forward to the full review! 🤘🏼

  4. I rather go with a desktop gaming pc, if i'm going to have a big case for just the Gpu. the idea of traveling light is when i ever wanna go somewhere else i need to take that big case with me to be able to game on it.

  5. The only downside of this is the CPU and the thunderbolt 3 which a 2080ti can have less performance then a 2060 laptop on a high CPU demand games like destiny 2. I have egpu with 2070 and I'm not happy at all. Sometimes my fps drop down to 40 no matter what details I set.

  6. the challenge is not the hardware decision for the laptop but the external GPU dock. Having a H-series CPU on the go is nice if it is configured to maintain at the highest possible TDP along with the Iris Plus graphics but the price of the dock (not including the GPU) is way too absurd. Not sure how much Lenovo is charging for the dock but I recall there are eGPU docks priced around $250-300 that came without a dgpu and psu. That's what makes it a hard sell as it's hard to justify the price and the overall cost to get a dgpu on a laptop

  7. I love my gaming setup with a Matebook X Pro and an Aorus Gaming Box 1070. EGPUs are a pain though and nine constantly doesn't work but there's honestly no comparison. I could never have two computers not have a single computer I can both game on and bring to classes.

  8. I would be all for it if the external GPU had it's own battery and was 1/4 the size (possible using a modified version of current mobile GPU's). Gorgeous laptop otherwise.

  9. I'd rather have a much sexier laptop to take out and about with me and a gaming desktop when I get home. Seems weird to have a 'gaming laptop' that isn't really, in it's own right, a gaming laptop…

  10. So one needs to buy the laptop, the dock and the GPU separately? Unless they give a bundle of the laptop + dock at a price similar or lesser than a normal gaming laptop with an inbuilt GPU, I don't see many folks going for this.

    As it is, most thunderbolt 3 laptops nowadays can use external GPUs.

  11. It's clever, though I feel you should have mentioned the performance drop when using a GPU through Thunderbolt, I can't remember what it is. (15%?) It would be truly innovative if a company found a way to minimise that using PCIe somehow


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