Affordable/Cheap Gaming Laptop's Hp

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hp envy m6-1178sa 15.6 is the laptop


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  1. I got one that has 8GB ram and windows10 64bit plays GTA v and much other games has a lot of HDD battery life last about 2hrs graphics are out of this world just cost me $115.00 from a computer repair guy sound is loud you need to turn it down lol I have to get it fixed sadly because it has a corrupted operating system runs super smooth I love it charges about 30min or less or more never timed but it's a keeper

  2. get a job and build your own cheaper and way better at what ever you wanna build it for and the good thing about it is that you will always be able to update your system hardeare, CPU,GPU,RAM,HDD,SDD!!! So your never be having to buy a complete new pc when that pc becomes obsolete due to advancing technology, and graphics in game. as long as your motherboard supports the soc.


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