Rainbow Six Siege – Operation Shifting Tides: New Operator Gadgets Teaser | PS4

“Chaos is riding in on the incoming tides.

Rainbow Six Siege’s newest Operators are coming to make some waves. Tune in on Sunday, Nov 10 to learn more!”


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Comment (48)

  1. New idea: An operator that hacks the building by turning off the lights and everything is completely dark. This operator uses night vision but could only use it 3 times for 10 seconds each time he uses it. The defender can wait those 10 seconds or try turning the power back on in 5 seconds.

  2. You know what if a drone had a part for any sniper character like glaz or this character that shoots trackers on enemies so the snipers could set traps like visor in quake champions this would totally fix glaz

  3. I hope the magnets do something cool like activate the gadget when the attacker that threw it is next to it. It did suspend the gadget in place and would be a lot better than just being a reskin of the magpie

  4. Totally stole this idea from a Creator Ethan wulf1 on YouTube called it years ago and now they're bringing it into a game as with every other operator it's funny how they copy and steal other people's ideas


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