How to Remove Malware / China-apps from your Smartphone ! [HD]

Hey guys and welcome to a short china phone tutorial. So today i want to show you how to remove malware / adware or unwanted china apps from your smartphone and make it more secure.

MTK droid download :

If you have questions , feel free to ask on :

Thanks for watching !


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  1. I download hacked apps from a website called android. Something and if I leave the internet on that phone does all kinds of stuff when I鈥檓 asleep.Malwarebytes thinks wirelessupdate is a virus and I can鈥檛 uninstall it. Can I delete it through my computer?

  2. I try antivirus, app brain and other apps but not working in my case. AVG antivirus not detect fully this Chinese ads pop. AVG shows 1.apk, GMS, UI some systembase files with Chinese name. After cleaning these files, malware again replicate it.
    ads detector apps r failed .

    I m not getting how to get rid of this annoying Chinese ads pop-up on my mobile screen.

  3. Hi Techmagnet thks for this vid. I have a china tablet with many redirects on browser. Tried kingoroot and disabled com.browser with terminal but still with redirects. Anyhelp please? Thks.

  4. HELP!
    I GOT AN SAMSUNG GALAXY S5 AT&T VERSION AND It keeps installing an app called "sysupdate" , "prometheus" and i didnt evem download them.When i uninstall it it keeps installing again! I swear my s5 is not fake. It works just like a real one.Everything is working but the virus is just annoying

  5. Hi Techmagnet, I hope you can help me. I bought this phone yesterday called Timmy. Now when I switch on I see This: "Unfortunately, You Tube has stopped". No matter what I do it does'nt allow me into the settings to deinstall You Tube, even when I went to safe mode those words still appear on my screen and there is nothing I can do on the phone. What would you do. I shall appreciate your quick answer. Thank you

  6. pathfinder… Hi I keep getting aliexpress on my android mobile phone trying to install its app on my phone.聽聽 fortunately I have set my phone so no unauthorized apps can install on my phone so it is blocked.聽聽 Problem is it keeps on popping up and I get the messages CANCEL BLOCKED.聽聽 so I click CANCEL, but that does not remove it from popping up. how can I get rid of that annoying app

  7. i got so called i phone from china it started working very slowly and then my phonegot stucked on this whits screen with the apple logo showing i then tried to reboot the phone by holding the volume up button and the start button when i did all that it still went back to the same screen where it is stuck on the apple logo. i then took the phone to a tech here in the Bahamas and and them to disconnect the battery after doing that still its stuck on that dam logo…….can some one help me please


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