Wearable Lanterns Fix – Skyrim Special Edition Modding Guide Ep. 18

In this episode of the Skyrim Special Modding Guide we are tackling Wearable Lanterns by Chesko. The latest version of Wearable Lanterns was made prior to the release of SKSE64, and using it with the script extender installed now can be problematic.
This tutorial will identify the problems and show you how to make corrections.
Keep in my that Chesko has publicly stated that he is working on updating his more popular mods for the Special Edition and SKSE64 so this video may become obsolete at a later date.

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Links and References in the video –
Wearable Lanterns on the Special Edition Nexus:

PapyrusUtil SE on SSE Nexus:

Wearable Lanterns (LE) on Skyrim Nexus:

DWM Video on Bethesda Archive Extractor:


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  1. For those who returning after the newest updates to Skyrim.exe and SKSE64:
    You will get the "Warning Message" as seen at 3:32, this because SKSE has changed. The solution is to delete your existing .json files in Wearable_Lanterns_4.0.3_FixedSKSEPluginsWearableLanternsData. Then run the game fresh, this will generate new files which can then be dragged back into Wearable Lanterns from the Overwrite as seen in the video.

  2. Dec 2019 and your video still helped fix me with this wearable lanterns issue. Your a freaking saint! Why hasn't the MA added this video into his Mod description for fixing this mod I'll never know. Definitely needs to be on there, you're a wizard with this!

  3. Hey I followed your instructions but and I can see the lanterns and don't get the error. However, the mod is forcing my game into windowed mode and rectifies itself when I uninstall it. Any ideas?

  4. I had wearable lanterns working thanks to your fix, but now after the E3 2019 update to skyrim and the update to skse64 I can't seem to fix any of the problems. Ive deleted the .jason files like you say to do, but it wont seem to generate new ones for whatever reason and continues showing me the error.

    So I have the mod
    Crafted the normal lantern, and when I go to craft the TRAVEL lantern, it says I have the leather strips but not the lantern… wtf
    Also I cant find it at any store, they do have lantern oil but no lantern or travel lantern

  6. Hey,

    Thanks for the fix tutorial 🙂

    I uploaded a version of the 'easy fix' version to Nexus mods (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/25372) but some people are reporting an error in MO2: –

    You have one or more script extender plugins which failed to load!
    The failed plugins are:

    • Couldn't load StorageUtil.dll (Wearable Lanterns MCM Fix). The last error code was 193.

    Apparently it works fine in game but this error persists in MO2, do you have any advice on how to fix it? Can I just overwrite this dll with the one from the SE version?


  7. Hi,
    I also have a Problem with the wearable Lanterns and Skyrim SE. But I dont get the Menu under System – Mod Configuration. I have
    installed the Version 4.0.3 and the german translation. After that I got the error Message. Under the Option Magic, I have the configuration
    of the Mod and the aktivation. But it don`t let me aktivate the Lantern. Where can I download your Fixed File to install the fixed Mod?

  8. Interestingly enough I don't even get a MCM menu with wearable lanterns. Is it due to a newer version of Skyrim SE and SKSE? The mod also doesn't work at all.
    Edit: However, I managed to get the mod to work by installing the SE and VR patch. Now I no longer get the error message and I can simply craft the travel lantern at the forge. Still no MCM menu though.

  9. Hi any way I can get your modded file?

    After a brain haemorrhage my brain cannot follow all this. I really like the mod, but after switching to Skyrim SE I have not been able to use it.

  10. None of these solutions are available to me. most of these file directories don't exist and messing with the files using the special extractor app thing reveals no interface folder. which leaves me with no solution what so ever.

  11. The only issue i'm having is when i tell my follower to "hold the lantern in front to light the way". he will always hold it out even in broad daylight. Even though the lantern won't be lit. I always remember them putting it away when inside or during the day. perhaps one of those files should have overwriten the papyrus utility?

  12. Thank you SO much !!! This mod means allot to me, and I was bummed out it wasn't working properly with SSE, but you helped me AND taught me how to fix it myself rather than wait for Chesko to fix it himself!!! Thank you, I really appreciate it!!!


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