TCL Wearable Display Concept Hands-on: A multiplex on your head

At TCL’s booth at IFA 2019, we saw their “wearable display concept,” a headset that tries to approximate the feel of watching a movie in the theater. TCL also showed off their (very early stage) foldable phone concepts, using a new butterfly hinge that lets the foldable close with no gap.

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Comment (25)

  1. Uhh remember testing the Sony Head mounted Wearable Screens back in 1999, I remember thinking loud to myself, someday that's gonna be a wearable PC, and I can reimagine this improved too with bone conduction amplified speakers, with Augmented Reality VR cams ( x,y,z axis cams) proving real time augmented guidance, who you're talking to, inputs, eye control, or ring mouse, with whatever flavor of Windows, Linux or iOS, but with AI for user "care", for instance you crossing from a sidewalk watching a Maroon 5 video while missing that Pontiac rushing past, so with a " heads up" alert system. Far cleaner than jacking into a matrix using Mr. Hotpants NeuraLink brain transmitter controllers, eh?

  2. Wear it in public places? I'm sure that'll work out great and no one will get hurt…… probably. Can't be worse then Poke'mon Go.
    Now that I think about it it can be worse.

  3. These glasses make anybody look like an idiot. Look at this guy. The only way to look more idiotic is if he was also wearing a pair of Airpods at the same time. Whoever's designing the tech gadgets these days must be laughing their asses off seeing people wearing their stuff seriously.

    No, for real. He looks like Cyclops from the X-men…if Cyclops was a 90+ year old retiree.


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