Level51 Vapor 15 Pro Hands-On | Crazy Compact & Light Gaming Laptop

As gaming laptops get thinner and lighter, you’d think they’d be more portable too, but that simply isn’t the case. In terms of dimension, gaming laptops are still quite sizeable. It doesn’t help either that even the smallest gaming notebooks come with 15.6-inch displays.

Well, that’s where Level51’s Vapor 15 Pro particularly excel in. Not only is it a lightweight machine – it tips the scales at only 1.87kg – it’s also noticeably more compact than your average gaming laptop. On top of that, it has capable hardware under the hood too. If you want a portable gaming laptop, the Vapor 15 Pro is one to look out for.

Level51 Vapor 15 Pro Hands-On: https://nextrift.com/?p=5815
Website: https://nextrift.com


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