Why are TV Cameras still HUGE and expensive ?

Let’s understand why in 2019 TV cameras are still so massive and expensive ! I rented a complete TV setup to have a week-end of experimentation messing around with the beast. Part of the equipment was not available at the rental house so Blackmagic nicely agreed to lend me the camera, fiber module, monitor and a camera control panel for a few days.

Special thanks to Claire (Broadcast Camera Op), Marin (Camera Assistant), Matthieu (Paraglider) and Mathieu (Actor) for helping me out with strong commitment throughout this project.

Broll shot with BMPCC4K mostly Lumix 42.5mm + Laowa 7.5mm, edited in Da Vinci Resolve. Graphic animations in After Effects.

Rental House : Video Plus France
TV Camera : Blackmagic Ursa Broadcast
Fujinon UA107
Vinten Vector 950

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  1. The expensive setups have more features allowing for more control over the subject to be filmed. It is a professional gear built for precision over many variables. They are technological marvels. It is a dream to use the best equipment for a shoot but for the amatuer cheaper options would suffice. When filming it is usually for profit and the ability to easily capture, edit, and broadcast quickly increases revenue. If you had to use cheaper options either picture quality would suffer or workflow would increase taking up more time and lowering profits.

    Nikon 850
    Nikon z7

    Black magic is a bit much

    I could do a lot with the nikons, or maybe a sony camcorder.

  2. Always wondered why the Cameras lens were so "Boxed' when is saw them at games near my home, but knew they had some excellent Zooming advantage because they'd show a Shot of the moon so damn clear and they'd zoom out so smoothly but steadily and you realize…. How large the Zoom range actually is and your mind… Just Blows!

  3. The video didn't really answer the second part of the question. Other similarly complex hardware is much cheaper. I guess it's mostly because of attributes of the market for TV cameras, in particular its size.


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