PART 1 | Should you buy a Gaming Laptop? – Alienware M15 R2 Unboxing & Overview

The idea of a “gaming laptop” appeals to many people. Take anywhere performance sounds awesome indeed, but it’s not always that simple.

Manufacturers continue to make bold claims in this space, but do their claims hold water in reality? In this video series, we’ll find out!

Today we take an initial look at the Alienware M15 R2, an incredibly thin and lightweight laptop that without a doubt packs some serious hardware. Moving on from here we’ll be diving deeper into the world of laptop gaming to see just how the performance compares to an equivalently priced desktop, and what the trade offs are.

We’ll focus specifically on things like overclocking, undervolting, thermal throttling, video editing and rendering, gaming at various settings and resolutions, VR compatibility and more.

If you have any suggestions for topics you’d like to see covered, let me know in the comments 🙂




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Comment (12)

  1. Where are you getting the info that a 2080 max-q is equivalent to a Desktop 1060??!!! That's not even remotely accurate. Even though the TDP is reduced significantly, a 2080 max-q still has over double the cuda cores, 2gb more ram running at 150% the speed, and has tensor cores for ray tracing. Sure the clock speeds are lower than a 1060 but the 2080 max q will beat is in almost every measurable metric possible.

  2. So I love your channel but I don't like these kind of very technical reviews. I Subscribe to the channel for sim racing stuff like your rig setup your driving in races and your overall great content about sim racing. If I wanted to know about an overpriced laptop I will watch the linus channel. Please keep up your sim racing content its great….don't mess up a good thing.

  3. id suggest to u not to stream on your main channel as youtube kills the views and doesnt promote streaming channels as they promote videos , get a second channel stream there daily or as long as you want post the long vids there , post shorter cut up 20 mins versionssessions on here twice or 3 times weekly and youll see your channel will pick up steam again!!! never stream on your main channel ask other youtubers and theyll tell u !!!

  4. Im really amazed how people can start a small business and can afford to do such a expenses for gear. Everybody choose what to do but did you think this is justify or you just put 30-40k in to gear and hope for the best ? My business is doing around 120k euro this year but im very careful what i buy. Im buyng second bus to do the delivery's for less than this laptop cost. As friendly advice dont get that much all in until you are sure you can afford it and most importantly its worth it. Bcs this to me looks more like a hobby.

  5. The design looks stunning and attractive, I am not sure playing heavy games on laptop should be the right choice! When it comes to a lof thermal throttle issues or size where you cant carry with you!
    A core i9 9900k sleeping in that kind of laptop or similar nothing is guaranteed for next 3 years for ex.
    At this time its extremely difficult to have run a corei9 overclockable inside a laptop, even on desktop we ran into so much trouble, a temp is a major problem for I9 9900k.
    Having balky size when you cram so much pipes and sinks for a better cooling huh, you wont carry it whereever you go.
    My personal choice I would build a gaming desktop, and get an ultra book with Nvidia 1050ti and 4k touch display.
    Its thin attractive design and workable.
    Like dell xps or hp specte.
    If you agree what do you suggest if you don't why?


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