My Gf Put A Camera In My And My Sister's Room. She Knows What We Do At Night!

Hey! I’m Porter and I am 16. I guess at least some of you fellas are familiar with your girl’s jealousy. But when she’s jealous of your sister, things can get really crazy.

I should probably begin with the fact that my sister Beth was adopted. It’s not a big secret, ‘cause when my parents brought her home she was 11 years old and I was only a couple of months older, so we are kind of non-biological twins (I think I just made this term up, ha ha!)

Beth is objectively quite attractive. I mean, of course, I am not attracted to her – she’s my sister after all. But I couldn’t help but notice that she has a lot of followers who write her on Instagram and Facebook, and even a couple of friends of mine have asked if I could help them ask her out and so on.

And here, actually, I’m approaching the very core of the story itself. I don’t know what is it that you, girls, might find in another girl that makes you so irritated and mean and jealous, but about a month later, after I started dating Rachel, I began noticing that she was far from happy when Beth was somewhere near us. At first, she was like “Oh, look, Beth has another fan,” in that mean, sarcastic tone when ever my sister was leaving the house with her hair done and wearing dress and heels. Or she would give me that angry look whenever Beth was hugging me, for example. I tried not to react to this, ‘cause I thought it was just something between girls, but after one night things got worse.

All together I mean. Rachel, Beth, and I went to a party of a friend of ours, who was actually the one who was really obsessed with my sister. At some point, Beth and I stayed together in the kitchen trying to grab some food and drinks. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Rachel was talking with the guy who was throwing the party, the one I already told you about, and after a couple of minutes more, she rushed up to me in a complete fury and demanded that we leave the party immediately.

I was in complete shock and puzzled, but as soon as she started yelling at me about why I never mentioned that Beth wasn’t my blood relative, I pretty much understood what all the drama was about. Back at the party, she overheard some guys talking about Beth, and one of them mentioned, as usual, that he was surprised I was able to withstand living with such a beautiful girl and not have “those” thoughts. She went up to those guys to reprimand them, and then they told her that non blood relatives fact.

Seriously, I never mentioned that because I just couldn’t say something like “Hey, this is my sister and she’s adopted,” right? But Rachel didn’t want to hear it. She just got hysterical, assuming totally nonsensical things that, according to her, were happening in our house all day long. It was a big fight of ours, but you know, even though I thought that Rachel had just lost her mind, I still didn’t want to lose her. That’s why, mainly, it was just her yelling at me and I was the one who just kept driving the car back to her house.

The next day my mom and dad told me that my uncle Kenny, with his wife and their newborn baby, were going to visit us and they planned to stay at our house for a week or so. For me, it wasn’t actually a big deal, until Rachel came by to say how sorry she was for the way she behaved the previous day. She told me that it took her almost the whole night to understand that her assumptions about Beth and I were totally nuts and stuff, and we made up and everything seemed to be great. But then Beth showed up in my room with a bunch of her stuff and a mattress and said that for now, she was going to be my roommate since mom had set up her bedroom for our guests.
Oh, Rachel’s reaction was really something. She immediately stood up on her feet, with her fists squeezed tight, and she gave me that strict look as if I had betrayed her. Beth pretended like she noticed nothing and walked out of my room humming something, while I rushed to close the door so that nobody could hear another fight. I knew that this time it was gonna be hard for me to calm my girlfriend down, especially when she already had an issue with my sister.

I won’t bother you with all the details about how she was yelling and crying. But the thing she actually asked me to do to prove that I was telling the truth left me completely speechless. Rachel suggested that I install a video camera in my room for the time that Beth was going to sleep there, so that she could look through the recording and make sure that we were just sleeping, you know…

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