MSI Alpha 15 Review – RX 5500M Gaming Laptops Are Here!

The MSI Alpha 15 is an all AMD gaming laptop, featuring the new Radeon RX 5500M graphics and Ryzen 7 3750H CPU. In this detailed review I’ll cover the good and bad sides of the Alpha 15 and help you decide if it’s worth it. We’ll look at gaming performance, thermals, battery life, fan noise, the AMD software experience and more!

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Cooling pad used in the video:

See how the Alpha 15 performs in 21 different games:
Full Alpha 15 thermal testing:

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Comment (37)

  1. A good start for AMD entry level (or maybe mid end?) dedicated mobile GPU.
    Not too bad, but not really good enough.
    The performance/watts aren't as good as 1650 laptops, but at least it's better than nothing.
    And also the price are similar to HP pavillion with I7-9750h + GTX 1650.
    It would be great if somewhat MSI give the user the access to overclock CPU (If we assume that we could OC this CPU).

  2. Hello Jarrod, just wondering.. which is better value for money.. i5 9th gen 1650 1tb helios 300 triton or this msi alpha 15.. both laptop has the same price here in my country… your suggestion will mean alot. Thanks!!!

  3. Hi jarrod. I know this isn’t relevant to your review but my dad is thinking of getting me a new laptop. The Lenovo y740. Should I get one with a 512gb ssd and a 1tb hdd? Or a 1tb ssd?

  4. Hi @Jarrod'sTech Hi again! Jarrod'sTech.. nice review on new AMD gaming laptop and interesting 🙂 .. i was thinking if spec is the same which do you prefer Legion Y540 17" vs Legion Y545? I got this feeling Y545 is newer but it is better? <headache!>

  5. I have bought this notebook and it is freedos in my country. The problem is that i've installed original windows 10 with serial but it doesnt automaticly finds wifi driver etc. I couldnt setup well… Can anyone help me please? First time using ryzen and amd. I couldnt even understand how to install ryzen7's driver from the web page. Plz help!!

  6. I've always wondered what is the actual distribution of the fps. The mean is not a robust statistic and unreliable with outliers, in which I believe a game fps data will have. How about using the mode or median for comparison?

  7. Usual things I would do in fixing my friends' laptops, I would do just like you did, installing latest chipset drivers and graphic driver. Then install latest drivers from manufacturers website, dxwebsetup, dotnet framework, c++ redistributable, java, adobe flash player, and adobe air.

    Then I would proceed to adjust power plan, and get windows updates.

    After that I would try it on gaming test.

    Problems that I faced with some laptops is almost similar to yours, drivers and blue screen. I found out that the blue screen was due to drivers and power plan. Some laptops would not suit well with latest drivers from AMD.

    Also, about the power plan, I realized that I need to put "optimized performance" and "maximised performance" for AMD graphics and AMD power slider to prevent blue screen. Otherwise, the switchable graphics in power plan can be left as "optimized power saving" if I am not mistaken.

    I hope this will help you in dealing with AMD laptops.


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