feb 1 camp and cool gadgets part 1

OLD VIDEO, AND FILMED WITH AN OLD BLACK BERRY.! A fun trip in the cold, tho some cool gadgets that can compliment any campsite. Enjoy!!


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  1. Hi Jim, The carbon wick stove is the best stoves in my opinion. So simple but work as good as any alcohol stove. They work in the coldest of temps as well ,where others will fail. I have used and have many different styles i have used and made. The carbon felt is called a soldering blanket or something like that. I got it at home depot here in saint john, look in the plumbing section. My water bottle cook kits are the bomb. lol

  2. I saw that floating plate on reallybigmonkey1's channel. Excellent idea that I haven't tried yet. Reallybigmonkey1 was my first subscriber. He encouraged me to produce my own videos. He's a really cool "tarp" guy. I used to watch his videos all the time but now they're getting sooo looonnngggg …over 30 minutes!

  3. Thank you gullrica, and now you can have a table also, tho our friend reallybigmonkey1 gave me the idea, from watching his vid.It is amazing how stable it is.Of course you have to set things just right to lvl everything out lol.The stoves work great, i wont need anything different . Very nice to hear from you and thanks for the comment. =)

  4. When you take a few trees from an area, you actually stimulate growth, and allow other trees to flourish. If you notice in alot of forests you have alot of dead trees, because of being robbed sunlight and food.So cutting down a few is actually a good thing as long as your use it up.Dont ever kill anything your not going to use is my moto

  5. Being able to make a hot drink in the wild when it's cold is vital. During the Korean War a lower percentage of Brits got frostbite compared to Americans because they had tea on the go when ever they got the opportunity.

  6. lol and thanks, it works amazing and incredibly stable.It will always be the swamp/snow kitchen to me, you sparked the idea lol.Thanks to your friend Ed also.The convenience of the table area and cooking area is something i wont do with out again, on most of my trips out.


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