DIY Super Powerful Fog Machine under 10$

In today’s video I want to show you how to build super powerful fog machine from cheap hair dryer. Total project costs is under 10$! It’s just amazing how using such a few materials you can get very effective smoke machine!
And be careful while working with electricity.

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  1. this device will most certainly ignite in open flame if left unattended. if further unattended, it may cause secondary fire (ignite whatever it's next to) and electrical faliure (best case) or fire(worst case)

    so beware!

  2. CHEMICAL DANGER: Let's put the risk of catching fire aside and focus on another thing – I did some quick research on glycerol and found out that when it is overheated (at around 280°C) it decomposes into toxic aclorein. And that you surely dont wanna risk. (You'll also smell it badly when that happens). E-cigs have a temperature regulator for this not to happen, but a regular hairdryier isn't made for that!

  3. just a suggestion, you should include the name of the materials when they are shown in the video. This video was also a bit hard to follow, like we do not know how you put the switches on, a step by step would be helpful, anyway, great video.


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