100 Tips in 10 MINUTES to IMPROVE Your Twitch Stream!

In this video, I share 100 (yes ONE HUNDRED!) tips and tricks to help YOU improve your live stream. Greatly increase your chances of growing your stream audience.
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Comment (41)

  1. You know, I was sittning on the toilet and watching your video anddd… after like 5 min I accedently dropped my phone on the floor so now I’ve cracked my phone twice now and I cracked them both on your vids XD. Your videos makes me drop my phone ;(

  2. This is a great video, quite fast paced which is understandable due to it being “10 minutes” lol. I am new to streaming and I am looking to set up and get my stream going through twitch, if anyone has anymore tips I would appreciate it if you can leave comments below or other links that may help out. Thank you 😊

  3. Hey, I've been dtreaming since last march on another pkatform than started streaming on twitch together with the previous one on july. I have around 400 followers – not all of them are there since july, some of them followed me the first time I started streaming, a year before nearly. I generally have 2 or 3 people if not 0… I have scheduled a game for everyday but I still don't get much views… On the othe rplatform too, I have 1220 people but I have 4 to 5 people on avarage… I am trying to understand what I am doing wrong that's why I started searching for answer… This video might help, I'll try to do more, but I still don't knıw what to do…

  4. im thinking about starting to live stream, ive been saving money up to get a nice setup to finally be able to stream, should be streaming before the end of the year and maybe make 2020 a good year for streaming

  5. I just started steaming and I’m getting a face cam but I stream on ps4 and I share a room so idk how the face cam is going to work but I’m not giving up I love streaming it’s fun great vid btw really helped


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