I won this PRO Fortnite Mobile Tournament on the WRONG SERVER! (money earned)

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Comment (47)

  1. Ducky what u did us against policy rules epics rules say u can only compete in touney on one server one guy got a ban warning for trying to quilify for World Cup on different severs

  2. I hate self advertising but Hey can y’all checkout my video. It’s my second day on mobile and I just want help
    And feedback and I think I have honest potential with time. thank you!

  3. I no scoped this guy cos I only had a sniper and I killed the guy and it was my first no scope

    Ik you guys don’t need to know about it and if you don’t like this comment then please don’t comment on it

  4. Ducky ur a bot no offence stop pretending to be the best flash is a lot better your not as good as you think just being honest love ur vids<3 if you wanna chat talk to me in insta @cynical_mario


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