SAVAGE: Avi Yemini EXPOSES #JimJefferies with hidden camera

WATCH & SHARE what happened next:

My name is Avi Yemini from the TR.NEWS team and today I experinced and exposed my own EPIC Panodrama moment.

A few months ago I was contacted by Jim Jefferies producer to ask if I would be willing to come on his show.

Jim is one of the biggest names in media down under as well as in Hollywood, so the oppotunity sounded great, but I set out some basic conditions.

To protect myself, on Tommy’s advice, I secretly filmed the entire interveiw. And boy, am I grateful.

The time has come that we, the public, take back control from the lying mainstream media machine.

Please support Tommy’s family and fighting his case


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  1. I classed Jim Jeffries as the best comedian in the world, I repeatedly watched his clips and he always made me laugh.
    now it seems he is a snake, not just any snake but a cunt snake.
    the time someone got on the stage and punched him, now I wished they had done a better job.

  2. Disgusting that that piece of shit anti-American Australian left wing fascist scum has been allowed to come to my country to shit on it. It boggles my mind that first he is allowed to take an American job in America and second for the obvious purpose of meddling in my country's domestic affairs and shutting on my country. He's a fucking piece of shit. Good people die young will evil pieces of shit like him live on. Fucking scum.

  3. How come you guys don't condemn the terrorist shooter in NZ? Why have you not been out marching against right wing violence?

    Oh yea, sorry, you are the right wing and you love terrorism.

  4. At the end of the video he said that he "never ever even jokes about killing muslims".
    But that's a lie. He was proud AF in the speakers corner and bragged about shooting Muslims on the border. He posted these things on his Facebook too, that's why he was banned. AVI you lie…

  5. You know I loved Jim Jefferies a lot when he was just a comedian and not a talk show host. I don't agree with a lot of his political stances but as an entertainer he is a very funny guy. It's a shame what he's become after getting his own show, but it's not surprising in the slightest.

  6. While I think it's important to hold Jim accountable for his hypocrisy and bigotry, I also think you're completely wrong about the integration of cultures and 'human nature'.

    While it is true that groups that have little interaction with each other and little education do tend to be suspicious and distrustful of each other, it's also the case that integrated, educated communities are perfectly able to not just coexist, but thrive within that diverse community setting.

    Religion mucks everything up, though, and the solution is probably a mixture of having a realistic outlook on how cultures can integrate over time and the issues that may arise, and allowing that migration and integration to happen.

    The only people worried about these current trends in integration are the racists, religious, and irredeemably disingenuous actors that stand to profit from 'sounding the alarm' about immigration.

  7. Wait, did he start the whole thing by sarcastically saying "Avi Yemini, good Australian name…"
    Did no one think anything of this? Imagine if a white guy interviewed a Muslim and said "Abdul shaheem tawad, good American name…" He'd immediately be called a bigot, islamophobe, racist, etc.

  8. This happens all the time in our leftist media, from the news rooms to late talk shows & late night & daytime comedy. For as much as people claim to hate Donald Trump's tweets, Donald Trump made the decision early on to put out his own version Upstate fence rather than relying on the news media. Everyone needs to protect themselves and make sure to carry some sort of surveillance device. It's obvious that you're smarter than they expected. I know some conservative guests have been subjected to similar twisting of the truth that they either demand an unedited copy of the interviews or they demand that no interview will be had without their own crew there to record the interview at the same time. I believe it was Ben Shapiro who I first heard of doing this. I myself have had incidents where I wish I would just have a 24 hour body cam. From its foundation, leftism has never been able to reach people's hearts and minds or gain any traction without lies. Even Vladimir Lenin try to sell his brand of Communism in Europe by claiming it was Democratic socialism as our American leaders are trying to do now. Keep up the good work and I will be sharing this video.

  9. I'm from the left of the political spectrum, and while I don't agree with Avi and his viewpoint, I think this is very revealing. Jim gives all religions shit, so that part of it was not shocking. It was more the editing that has the interviewee answering questions with different answers.

  10. Good on you Avi! Poor old Jim…he is just un unfit, pasty white, Australian comedian who isn't funny! He's got to make a living doing something… he follows the money. Like the rest on the left….the only thing Jim Jefferies stands for is……..JIM JEFFERIES!

  11. I like Jim’s stand-up, but lost a lot of respect for him after seeing this. If it was his team who did the shitty editing the He should take his name off of it and set the record straight. Don’t pretend to be some sort of journalist, when you’re selling a line for entertainment and feeding the leftists lies.


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