Cool Innovative Gadgets That Are On Another Level ▶10

[Air Pix-Aerial Photographer] [Ayi-AI Powered Smart Mirror]
[GENKI-World’s first USB-C Bluetooth Adapter]
[Mojipic-The World’s First Smart Emoji Car Display]
[GAMO G+-Mobile Game Keyboard & Mouse Adaptor
Check out all these amazing gadgets you won’t want to miss!

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👉Cool Innovative Gadgets That Are On Another Level ▶10👈
0:04 – Air Pix-Your Pocket-Sized Aerial Photographer
Meet The Smallest, Lightest, And Most Affordable Hands-Free Aerial Camera Ever!
✅Smaller Than Your Phone – 102x85x13mm
✅Lightweight – 52g
✅Full HD 1920x1080p @30fps Videos
✅12MP FOV 70° Camera
✅Autonomous Flight
✅Gesture Control
✅Facial Recognition
✅iOS and Android APP
✅Instant & Direct Social Media Sharing
✅In-App Image Editing Suite
✅30m Flight Range
✅8GB SD Card
✅2.4 GHz Wifi Transmission

1:31 – Ayi: AI-Powered Smart Mirror for your home.
Meet your new personal assistant. The world’s most visually stunning AI-Powered Smart Mirror, for your home. Ayi analyzes your schedule and uses keyword extraction to help you proactively accomplish tasks, such as delivering groceries or calling an Uber. Talk to your personal assistant. Ayi’s speech recognition software allows for easy hands-free control of your day-to-day tasks.

3:01 – GENKI-World’s first USB-C Bluetooth adapter
We developed the world’s first USB-C Bluetooth adapter, especially for the Switch. There is some serious tech inside, we have incorporated a powerhouse Bluetooth 5 chipset and have support aptX-LL for the lowest latency possible. We also include an integrated USB-C passthrough charging port and can pair up to two headphones so you can share the fun.

5:33 – The Anniversary Clock
Our exclusive, patent-pending Anniversary Clock allows for the easy viewing of exact, elapsed time from a celebrated life event. The unique design of our clock reminds us of the time until the next yearly anniversary, and the total elapsed time from a particular life event. These special moments are as much a celebration of the original event as of the passage of time from that day you never want to forget.

7:56 – Mojipic-The World’s First Smart Emoji Car Display
– Voice Control: Integration with Apple and Google, enables you to display images without being distracted on the road
– More than 1500 GIFs, Smiles & Emojis. Baseball Teams, NFL, NBA, NHL, Soccer, flags of countries, national symbols and more.
– QR Code: Want to share your story or business while on the road?
– Real-Time Drawing & GIF Maker: Create your own drawings, images or animated GIFS
– 8-Bit Games: Keep passengers entertained with pre-installed 8-bit games.

9:52 – GAMO G+
iOS & Android Mobile Game Keyboard & Mouse Adaptor
GAMO G+ brings the unparalleled speed and precision of a keyboard and mouse to mobile gaming, giving you the advantage you’ve been looking for with all your favorite FPS (First Person Shooter), RPG (Role Playing Games) and RTS (Real Time Strategy) games. It is compatible with both Android and iOS via lag-free Bluetooth connection and supports almost all mobile games.

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