World's Thinnest Phone for under 100$

Get the Fly Tornado Slim here: Its really the slimmest phone we could find for under 100$
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Fly Tornado Slim IQ4516 Octa – is the result of a bold experiment designers and engineers who do not dare just thinnest smartphone, and ultra-thin. However, they did not deprive him by all the usual ports and connectors. Even a 3.5 mm audio outputs are not removed, such as is done in ALCATEL ONETOUCH Idol Ultra. In addition to the elegant metal rim in gold tested smartphone was thin frame on the right and left of the screen. Both panels, front and back, this is a durable glass Gorilla Glass 3, so that you can safely wear Fly Tornado Slim without a case, the main thing is not to drop to the floor. Cover this device, in my opinion, simply is contraindicated, such beauty can not hide.

The transition between the ends of the body and glass panels arranged through the polished slice on the metal. Visually, it makes the phone with a 4.8-inch display is even thinner actual dimensions (139.8 x 67.5 mm) and it weighs 95.5 grams.

On the test unit we have in white and fingerprints on it are practically invisible due to a light substrate. On the front panel, thanks to the oleophobic coating traces wiped touches in an instant. Tornado Slim also available in black.

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Comment (29)

  1. the fix is simple, all you need to do is turn off the automatic update on the date and time, manually update then go back to the home screen, after that go back to the date and time and put it back to automatic it will write time successfully updated then you are good to go.
    it worked on my fly tornado

  2. The only severe let down on any phone is poor battery. I cant live with a phone with less battery-life than less 3 hours.
    Installing apps with downloaded APK's dont bother me that much as long the rom is stable.

    oohh, by the way, great review.

  3. Have you tried to install the Amazon Playstore? You can install from there pretty much everything that you find on Google playstore also try to install apps directly from the browser. You should be OK without the Google playstore if this options work .👍

  4. Dear brother. My fly tornado does not download any apps via google play store…do u know how to fix this issue. plz reply as soon as u get this msg…hey bro did you fix your issue??? If yes then plz tell how…plzz


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