The Best Laptop Battery Life Yet?

A laptop battery that lasts a full weekend without a charge = 👌
LG Gram 13:
5 Tech Gadgets Under $30:


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  1. I have a question, the powercfg -energy -output c:/ energy-report.vbs command in windows, does it accurately tells you the battery life? Please, i am very concerned of my laptop

  2. my god if you want battery life get a ipad or tablet dont waste money on a laptop i use a laptop for gaming -_-

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  3. Should i stick to my curent laptop which is i7 4700mq 12gb ram alienware 14 and lasts 1hr max with charge ooor should I but this thing. Not sure if its a downgrade or upgrade to this. Im trying to use it for decrypting big files and stuff also some sort of heavy usage? Help with you opinions and whys thanks.


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