Dell G5 (RTX 2060) Gaming Laptop – Does it Get Too Hot!?

Review of the Dell G5 Gaming Laptop with RTX 2060. This is the same Dell G5 2019 model that was announced at CES 2019. It’s a beautiful laptop but it has one major problem. Watch for the full review!!

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  1. I bought a g5 5590, 9750h, rtx 2060 16gb (2×8 dual channel) and 512gb ssd n.2, and 144hz refresh.
    While yes I will agree it does get a bit heated, the fix I found was to undervolt. I undervolted mine too -110 and dropped all cores to 3.8ghz. The only real way you'll ever get max GHZ is it will raise a single chip speed to max. So this is why I only leave one CPU at Max.
    With undervolt I ran prime95 on max CPU stress and the max temps I got hovered at 86c. That's a lot more acceptable then 100c is. I run avg of 73-78c on temps most times.
    Let's also keep in mind that so many times we compare laptops to desktops, that's an unfair test regardless of what the test is. Everyone knows a desktop will always, always beat out a laptop, even if the desktop has slightly lower specs, the desktop will always win.
    I whole heatedly believe that laptop parts are made differenly than desktop parts, and given the fact laptops run hotter, they build the parts to better tolerate or handle that heat, so even if a laptop is running at 90c it's better able to handle the heat and it's not as huge a deal as people make it out to be. That's just my 2 cents.
    This is not a bash session just my observation over years of PC's and games.
    I personally think at what I got this laptop to run at heat wise, I'm very comfortable and happy with it at those temps.
    Just so people don't think I'm crazy with the 2×8 dual channel ram here is my laptop.—black

    I also got a killer deal on it. I paid $1120 for an open box, which happened to be a dud, so I took it back, they said they would exchange it out for no extra cost for a brand new one. So I actually got a brand new laptop for$1120. I was very happy.

  2. I went with the G5 SE because it was the only one with these kind of spec at the $1000 mark, and it has a thunderbolt port. There were other laptop I was considering but none of them have thunderbolt. I would have to go up a tier in price to get thunderbolt. After a repaste and a little undervolt, it's running great. Temps barely reach 90. I got the newer 9th gen i7, its incredibly easy to to lower the temps on this thing. I spec mine with the RGB and fingerprint reader and 90whr battery. Upgraded to 32 GB ram and now I have no regrets. And yes, mine has the RTX 2060.

  3. I just bought the Dell g5 5590, 144hz, 2060 rtx, i7 9750.

    I played 2 games, and ran msi program to test temps.

    Swtor in a space battle, I ran avg of 72-75c max I think was 78c
    Cod:me 2019 I ran for an hour, and avg was higher of course 78-85c, high of 95c.

    Not once did I go over 95c though that was the max.

    I will undervolt it today or tomorrow to see what the difference is.

    What I did find interesting though was, I have an Acer it 2.3ghz, gtx950m and from feeling the heat with my hands physically, comparing the two laptops the Acer sure seemed to run a lot warmer, so much so that I could have used it as a mild hand warmer on the Acer. The Dell just didn't seem to blow out hotter air than the Acer did even with way more beefy hardware.
    I never took a heat reading off the Acer so all I am comparing is what I physically felt blowing from the laptop. The Dell ran I'd say at best luke warm feeling where as the Acer was more a hand warmer feeling.

    I've heard and seen in YouTube videos that the 9750 does a much better job at volt throttling vs the 8750 by from what I recall 8750 20-25v and the same thing on the 9750 was 17-20.Maybe that's my difference on my end

    As I said though anything helps so I will definitely undervolt it very soon.

    I did some undervolting (-110) and temps are better.
    With swtor, warframe and gta5, I run an avg of 70-73 celc, and my max is 86 celc, I've never gone over that yet.
    I also ran prime95 on max heat/stress and also peaked at a steady 86 celc.
    So yeah, compared to the 95-100 it was it's definitely better now.
    Just an fyi in case your curious, I lose zero performance or fps in games, so it's a win win no performance loss and lower temps.

  4. Hey Can u plz review the dell g G5 RTX 2060 of the 9th generation ! does it have the same heating issue even with the alien ware command center, and configurable fans…

  5. Let's be real here. If you are buying a gaming laptop you are no doubt gonna hook it up to a keyboard and monitor at home, no one is really going to use the screen unless they can't afford it YET or are in the go, in which case they'll be happy they can at least game on the go. The weight of this laptop doesn't make it practical for day to day use considering the weight and thickness although the battery life is a nice touch.

  6. Ugggg, I already bought one, and I'm having this problem!!!! Robo Recall is crashing due to throttling due to heat. Does anyone have something of a solutions? I just bought a cooling pad/stand and TWO vacuum fans that I hope make some kind of difference.


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