Best Tech Gadgets under $100 (Great Gifts Ideas for Men & Women Too)

We found 5 great tech items that we not only bought for under $100 but love to use! These tech gadgets also make great holiday, birthday and Christmas gift ideas for men, women and teenagers as they range from $49. to $99. If us over 50 folks can not only get them started but use them on almost a daily basis, don’t be afraid to try them out. There are also many Youtube tutorial videos to help get your technology exercise monitors, voice activated products, speakers, apps, dashcams and other items started. At these cheap prices they will help you in many ways and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do!
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Amazon’s Echo with Alexa
Sony Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers
Fitbit Alta Wrist Exercise Monitors
Fitbit Alta Bands for Women
Fitbit Alta Bands for Men
Fitbit Alta Bracelets for Women
Dashcams for Cars
Ipads and Tablets
Doorbell Ring Devices

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Comment (14)

  1. Hey Awesome Couple! I kinda received this Tech info with YOUR recommendation more easily due to your great delivery! + Kendea Worley ; May I help you turn your head back to the "Golden Age 50"!! What you are suggesting is going in the WRONG direction! Let's just focus on the Awesome 50 T-Shirts and be satisfied with this marvelous opportunity to re-assess /improve our 50's!

  2. Hey Heather and Bill, great video and ideas..the music Siri played though was NOT Mozart, LOL, that piece was Bach Cello suite #1? Looks like you need to train her a little bit more…:P

  3. Hi Heather and Bill,
    A lot of nice gadgets at a decent price! I like the wrist band with the changeable designer bands. The indoor/outdoor speaker is something I might get as a gift for my husband. I love classical music too. When I was younger I had a boyfriend that worked as a DJ at the FSU radio station during college. His shift was the classical section late at night and early morning hours. That was my first introduction to classical music. Sometimes he would dedicate a song to me on the air. Thanks for the interesting video. Having knee surgery again this Friday on same knee I had a total replacement on last year. I fell and have been in a lot of pain. Hoping to resolve the pain issue. Love and happiness, Teresa 💕

  4. Two tech items we have really enjoyed is our Amazon Kindle and our Google Home Mini. I even can say, "Hey Google, tell me a joke!" Or, "Hey Google, give me a low-carb recipe for meatloaf." It's very helpful. My nephew gave it to us for Christmas. TFS

  5. Love, love, love classical music 😍🥰
    I even would turn on my playlist while I'm working in the office, with my noise cancelling earbuds 🤗
    The reminder function from the smartphone is truly 👍🏻 I'll just need to learn how to do it, coz I only know how to type the reminders to my phone's calendar 😁

  6. Loved your video as usual! I’m going to try having Siri remind me of things more often, as I forgot she could do that. One request though- since we are over 60, could you do an “Awesome Over 60” shirt? Just a thought.

  7. "We'll always have Paris" – love it. So will we, thanks to you guys, and the wonders of technology. I have the google mini, and it and my other half have frequent spats. It's hilarious to hear man versus android. I love your indoor/outdoor speaker. Technology falls within my remit, in our house, and it's never really difficult to set anything up, if you have a little patience. Great items. Thank you very much Heather, and Bill. Hugs to the little sweet one. XOXO


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