An unassuming workhorse gaming laptop – Lenovo Legion Y540 Review

The Lenovo Legion Y540 ticks all the right boxes that make a mid-range machine good. Find out why we adore this gaming laptop.

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  1. just ordered the y540 with an i7, rtx 2060, 256ssd, 2 ter hd and 16gig mem for just about 1200. can't wait as now i'll be really gaming on the go! "we're visiting my mom this weekend" – wife. packs y540, joystick and mouse "let's do this baby." – me. "goddamn you" -wife.

  2. I just ordered one of these, and I mostly liked the understated, cleaner design. Yes, I'm buying a gaming laptop, but I don't want it to be all black and red, and I don't want it to light up like a Christmas tree…

  3. Just ordered the Y540-17IRH-PG0 with 256 SDD and 1000 HDD – That you have most connections at the back is just great. I hate having the cables an the sides. Really looking forward to it.

  4. Which one has good temps and which one has a good cooling system?

    i5 9300h + RTX 2060 = Lenovo Y540

    i5 9300h + GTX 1660 Ti = ASUS ROG Strix III G531GU

    Good temps overall… cpu + gpu without undervolt.

  5. For medium use
    .for programing and PUBG and GTAV
    . . Which model do you recommend ?
    (1050ti ,, 1000 $) or (1060 ,, 1240 $) or (1660ti ,, 1350 $) ..
    Do they deserve the price difference between them !

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