5 Cool Gadgets #13 – Electric Mobility Special | 100 SUBS MILESTONE

Ultimate Top X (UTX) has reached the 100 subscribers milestone. We couldn’t have done it without you guys, so here’s a special extra edition of the series “5 Cool Gadgets”… and it’s all about electric mobility.
Enjoy, and once again, thank you.

In this video:

1- WalkCar http://www.cocoamotors.com/

2- Glion Dolly https://glion-scooter.com/

3- Modobag http://modobag.com/

4- Oxboard http://www.oxboard.nl/

5- Swincar E-Spider http://www.swincar.fr/

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Comment (44)

  1. I'm not sure how the MODOBAG would work since most airlines these days do not allow you to bring carry on luggage with any type of lithium battery over 120WH. I don't think they allow check in either. I know they definitely don't allow any type of EUC or Hoverboard.

  2. 5) Walkcar…Fail
    Good power sure, but youre riding a mobile scale and it doesnt look like it could handle more than butter smooth surfaces.
    Toss some pebbles and it's SOL.

    4) Glion scooter…Fail (price is nice but product falls short)
    Meanwhile the E-Twow scooter can do 25miles at 16-19mph (I know, I had one….the lower powered one!).

    3) Modorbag…Fail
    Who wants to ride around on luggage?

    2) Oxboard…Fail
    The reputation of these things SUCK.
    Fall & break wrist, hit head, they are a bytch to get on (squirrely!)

    1) Spidercar…Fail
    Why? ATV's exist.

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