MSI PS63 Modern: The 16x16x16 laptop

Gordon checks out PS63 Modern, MSI’s newest laptop that’s not just for gaming.

Shot on a Canon C100 Mark 2:

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  1. How to open it to replace RAM or SSD? Not so easy? So then thank you. Moreover HDMI signal has only 30Hz and not 60Hz like most of laptops. It's designed to look well and luxurious but in practice many components are not good enough.

  2. Their website, under the specs lists it as a 1050 Max-Q. But when you click on configs it shows as a 1050 ti, and there's no other option, at least it won't let me pick an option. If it has the 1050ti, I may end up picking something like this up for very light gaming on the go. But mainly for some music production when I'm not at my main PC.

  3. No thunder bolt,the screen bezels is thin but could be a lil thinner, if it was foldable that would be great the keyboard could be a bigger, nice touch pad and 3 pounds is kinda heavy but it is a gamer laptop

  4. meh. it looks like pc world has some problems with discerning the quality of it's employees. the bad employee syndrome explains the poor quality of what they print. typical to see nowadays, remember that most companies are run by really bad people and that stink trickles down into making the entire organization into nothing more than a skid mark on society.

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