Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 vs MacBook Pro 2019 (Apples and Pears!)

Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 vs MacBook Pro 2019 (Apples and Pears!)

Can the Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 come out on top when it is placed next to the MacBook Pro 2019? Before you write your Black Friday wish list or mail your Christmas list to Santa — watch this!

Buy the 15″ direct through Microsoft or the 13.5″ here:
Buy your MacBook Pro today!

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  1. Hi .. thanks for the honest reviews and the happiness you share in your videos.. I still have a problem to chose between Microsoft laptop3 13" and Macbook pro touch bar 13".. in term of performance , speed , not laggy in the future.. mostly use it for surfing the web , watching movies, office work .. which one do you recommend without considering the price? Is the screen glare and reflection are annoying in the Microsoft's screen? Do you suggest other choices?

  2. great video guys ❤️💪🏼!! I have a question, should I spend 899$ on the Surface Laptop 3 or get the Surface Laptop 2 that is going for like 599$ on ebay right now? you should do a comparison video too between those devices..

  3. Hey can you guys do one where you specify other use cases on the surface laptop 3 like coding and AI based coding or something like running machine learning algorithms. And as always amazing video and stay awesome guys

  4. However, it must be remembered that the Surface Laptop 3 only has the same battery size as the 13-inch model. The Macbook Pro 15 inch simply has a much larger battery, so it weighs more.

  5. Had the macbook pro $2400. I didn't like it. Bought microsoft surface laptop 3 15" Ryzen 7. Didn't like the performance. Exchanged with an i7 13.5 inch surface laptop. Better like it.


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