Car Stereo / radio install can work on TRUCKS CARS SUV MAZDA FORD GM HONDA TOYOTA CHEVY and more with the proper wire and mounting dash kit. Learn How to install an aftermarket car radio stereo with GPS navigation antenna, DVD, CD, Bluetooth, FM, TV monitor, backup camera, check out the double din car stereo with 7inch touchscreen TV monitor here-
how to remove and install car stereo to amp sub here-
Car radio was sent to me to create a “how to install a car radio” video review
“Installing a car radio” can be tricky so disconnect battery terminals first.

Learn How to fix and install TVs, car stereo, laptops, phones and much more. In this video I show you everything you need to know on my channel playlists

Here’s a list of all the products I used:

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Comment (36)

  1. You must put satellite antenna on the outside of the car. It won't pickup signal without it being on the outside of the car. Due to you must have a clear plane of the southern sky. Hiding it will not work.

  2. Used your suggestion of mounting the antennas for the navigation unit and satellite radio inside the dash. This works perfectly! Saved me a ton of time and I don't have unsightly aftermarket antennas on the exterior of my 2005 Sequoia.

  3. I have 2 din car radio it is name Blackvolume model Bv-380
    It is made in my county Egypt
    I don't know any thing about it except some thing found in inside information
    I don't know what is system in it but I think it wince ( didn't know 5 or 6 )
    I need anyone help me to till my how unlock it or hake
    I want add my car logo in it and change wallpaper
    If i can upgrade it into another firmware
    That is some photos for my 2 din car radio touchscreen 7 inch
    Some information about it
    I have everything in it without gps ( radio-am/fm – dvd- Bluetooth
    I have only one slot sd card mmc
    I have usb connection
    Can i use ccffm or miopocket or any thing to hack or unlock it ? How ?
    Pls help me for this
    Thanks for all

  4. Good night Sir, I really to know, what is all the items you use to install the stereo, specially the blue plugins cables on the back of stereo. This stereo fits on Mitsubishi Nativa 2001? What do you install the gps antenna and how it works without internet service to upgrade the maps…I am from Puerto Rico, USA. And what is the box gadget did you show on the video?? Thanks


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