A Thin and Lightweight Laptop with a Distinctive Style | Pixelbook Go

At barely 2 lbs* light and 13 mm thin with a distinctive grippable design, Pixelbook Go is your new travel partner. It’s ready to work anywhere with an ultra-quiet keyboard, up to 12 hours of battery life**, and a quick 2-hour boost with just 20 minutes of charge. Oh, and the price is “lighter,” too.

Starting at $649, Pixelbook Go starts shipping on October 27th. Get yours on the Google Store. https://goo.gle/2VTLY5P

*Battery performance is based on a mix of video, web browsing, productivity and other use. Actual results may vary.
**Weight varies based on configuration and manufacturing process.


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  1. 😳😂🤣 Wow! It’s like they took a step backward and decided to rip-off the old MacBooks, but just put a washboard bottom on it to play it safe so they could call it Google so-called innovation. 🤦‍♂️🤣

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