The story about the worlds first personalized mobile phone


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  1. @bmxaspodilatis Wow! very long time I thing what China phone selling only in my country – Russia))) but now more import phone "Nokia" "Sony" "HTC" Made in China too. hah. thnx u) and… very long time I thing what all American mean use iPhone only) this is wrong? )

  2. yes,we have ZTE, hi-phone…and a lot of others… 😉 in greece. Except them,we have the chinese phones that you don't know them,i mean there is a sony ericsson or a nokia which it's like the original,but when you switch it on,you will see that it's from china.

  3. And what if i want to add or remove a contact? For 87 euro I don't think it will sell much sorry. If you want to make something innovative and customized, put a big screen in front instead of printed plastic and make a customizable interface that anyone could design on your website and then download the new interface to his phone.


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