Bring Your Android App to Chrome OS – Google I/O 2016

Today we announced that we’re adding the best mobile app experiences in the world, Android apps and the Google Play store, to the best browser in the world, Chrome! Come to this session and test your Android apps for Chrome OS. You will get hands on help from our friendly engineers on how to optimize your Android app for Chromebooks.

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  1. I'll be honest here. When I heard that android apps was coming to chromebooks, I was really excited, but overtime that lost it's luster. To sum things up: chrome os will always be a browser, android apps will remain where they were, and Google dropped the ball with everything. Unless Google pulled a magic trick with this "andromida" B's and do what was promised, then what I said earlier goes. End of discussion.

  2. Google sucks…Their never going to release the play store on stable channel. Was sold on that and giving up. Google is crap now. Chrome OS had so much potential but now without Andriod Apps Chrome OS will never be a true competitor to WIndows or MAC OS….sadly it will always be just a browser..

  3. Most tech guys at the Valley can really use some public speaking or presentation coaches (Elan included)… How did something so revolutionary become anti-climatic?!!

  4. I had 1question. we know chrome OS need internet. why not company give 4g slot connectivity built in,in every chrome books. This will definitely add a lot , instead of using dongle or wifi for connectivity.

  5. You can't even develop apps on chrome books what y'all need to do is realize that people need more offline apps y'all need to open it to allow desktop apps like office not office online either y'all design a full desktop experience or y'all kill chrome books and the only reason why it's popular with k-12 is becouse schools buy them for student after that for college students get windows or macOS your laptop doesn't offer much

  6. This is so dumb. All this work. Just kill Chrome OS and change Android to have the ability to have a tablets mode with a desktop ui interface. The way Windows 10 has a tablet mode that turns it to a tablet. Your's could run a desktop environment. Android has more apps than Chrome OS and better and can do everything Chrome OS can. Why run 2 OS's?
    You could b have features like drag and drop from gallery to my facebook or Instagram would make Android tablets a really multi tasker with all the extra real estate, allowing for developers to make real desktop apps that could eventually replace existing desktop OS's while allowing true mobile integration.

  7. Google shouldn't insist on support Android apps on Chrome OS, when the most obvious trend is actually the oposite: to bring Android OS to the desktop world.

    If Google don't do it, someone else can.


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