This foldable electric scooter is slow on purpose

The Relync R1 isn’t the fastest or flashiest electric scooter, and that’s totally the point. It’s meant to help people who have minor trouble getting around. It has a top speed of 8 miles per hour and a range of about 18 miles, and best of all, it folds up into a compact luggage shape. Transportation reporter Sean O’kean got a first look at the gadget at CES Unveiled 2018. Subscribe:

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Comment (41)

  1. I saw an advert for this on Facebook, clicked it, ordered it, paid fir it – money taken from my bank account on 19th September, and heard nothing since?. I want the product, as being disabked pensioner, it is ideal, but am willing fir refund if you cannit come up with the goods. PLEASE CAN SIMEINE HELP? I can't find any contact details! Mrs Gregiry, Balcombe, Sussex, UK

  2. I wonder if these people have any concept of what it means to not be able to even walk to the bathroom without losing your breath. I wonder if these people have any concept of what it is like to be homebound as a Vietnam Vet having served his country yet being left in a bedroom with only me to care for him. I wonder if a company like this understands what this scooter might mean to someone like him. I wonder if anyone cares. I wonder if these people have any concept that the price is prohibitive and so we are left to say wouldn't that be nice for him and yet let's just forget about him. I wonder if anyone cares.

  3. Love these types of scooters. Most are way too big to shop in stores with. I'm actually looking for one with a good seat and headrest though. Does this one have lithium batteries? How fast does it go? Wish they would sell more of these types of scooters in Canada.

  4. The most important thing we want to know is how much weight can it carry? i'm looking for one that holds at least 350 pounds/23 stone and is available in the U.K.

  5. As a disabled person, no thank you. First, I'm 5'10 and that seat looks hella low. Its also really small for any plus sized bums. I cant alwaus bend down, so the folding part would need to be more accessible. If your mobility aids are prescribed you can usually get assistance paying for them, in case anyone's interested. At least thats my experience in Canada. I'm sure this is good for some people with a little more development.

  6. Sorry dude, this is way too expensive.. this isn't worth $3k…it doesn't justify the cost for an old person, especially the way they'd have to sit on it, it doesn't seem comfortable


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