Surface Laptop 3 – The MOST Disappointing Laptop of 2019

DCON review of the new 15 inch Surface Laptop 3. This is first 15 inch surface laptop Microsoft has made and it’s also the first to feature AMD’s Ryzen processors as well as having user-removable storage. It’s features best-in-class build quality as it is constructed from aluminum and the screen, keyboard and trackpad is excellent too. It will cost you however as it starts off at $1200 for the baseline model.

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  1. Hi guys…so there may be an error here with my color accuracy test. I ran the test 3 separate times to ensure my numbers and every time I got 100% but my peers are producing numbers around the 95%-97% range for sRGB and mid 70's for NTSC and Adobe. Just figured I would point that out as it may be potentially incorrect. I'm sorry for the error. Thank you for understanding.

  2. I have the Surface Pro 3 and looking to upgrade. SP3 has had the same crashing issues. My doctor uses Surface Laptop 2 in clinic and it crashes multiple times a day. It's a pain. Seems like Surface devices generally do not have reliable software.


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