Mobile Phone Charger

Thanks to 30GB, I now have a phone to test for my wireless charging videos. I have made a charging circuit using a 7805, 2nr 35v 1000uF Capacitors and a 10 Ohm Resistor to limit the current.

Please visit his channel.

and thanks for the phone…… 😉

Any thoughts welcome…



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  1. Well recently I seem to have a large number of devices that have miniUSB for charging. (Cameras a phone, a PDA and MP3 player) so the gadget you have made is actually pretty useful.

  2. Indeed, the recommended capacitor values on the datasheet are 0.33uF for the input and 0.1uF for the output. So a 1uF on either side would be more than enough.
    I never noticed you connected a USB lead to it before, thats a good idea. I might add that to my power supply.
    Cheers for the info:)

  3. This is different behaviour from the average Nokia, the Nokia needs a current limited supply and a high enough open circuit voltage. In fact if you connect a Nokia to a charger the phone checks the charger behaviour. Handy to have a phone that takes standard USB 5v supply to charge it… not being critical but the capacitors need only to be a few uF to keep the 7805 happy. Nice to see someone doing electronics.

  4. I decided to have a look inside a mobile phone charger. I was shocked to see it was actually a basic switch mode power supply instead of a linear one.

    But there was no circuitry in there to control the charging of the phone, just a 5V, 900mA power supply.

    So Kubikop is right in that it is the phone that controls all the charging.

  5. Not in the phones I have charged, ie all nokia's at least.

    May be if you charge the battery separate, but the Phone has all the charging technology, How would the phone know when it was fully charged? especially if you charge it with a solar panel?



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