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Sponsored Content: The iReliev Wireless TENS/EMS therapeutic wearable system was sent to me by iReliev. This wireless TENS/EMS unit can help provide pain relief & muscle retraining wirelessly. Use code doctorjo to get 10% OFF any iReliev Unit here: (affiliate link)

If you’re familiar with my channel, then you know I love TENS/EMS units for pain relief and muscle retraining … I even wrote a book about them–it’s available on Amazon and other online retailers πŸ™‚ This wireless device by iReliev is no exception. The wireless technology in the iReliev device is really good, and the pods sync to the control unit in seconds.

The iReliev unit has both TENS and EMS functionality with 8 TENS settings and 6 EMS settings for a total of 14 different modes.

I also really like the instruction manual that comes with the iReliev wireless unit. It’s very detailed, easy to understand, and talks about each of the 14 modes and what they are designed to do.

The iReliev unit also comes with a nice and compact carrying case making it easy to take the device with you without having to worry about losing anything.


Doctor Jo is a licensed Physical Therapist and Doctor of Physical Therapy.

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iReliev Wireless TENS / EMS Therapeutic Wearable System Review:

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  1. Hey doctor,
    I'm a student and I need to sit all day in order to study…due to this I'm feeling a strange lower back pain since some days…what can I do to prevent this in future?😊


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