How To Use The iPhone 11 & 11 Pro Camera Tutorial – Tips, Tricks & Features

Here is how to use the iPhone 11 camera and how to use the iPhone 11 Pro camera. This iPhone 11 camera tutorial features camera tips and tricks like night mode, portrait mode, slofiees video from photos and more. If you are new, this iPhone 11 pro camera tutorial will cover everything you need to know to take amazing photos. Keep in mind that most of these tips can be used with older iOS devices.

More iPhone 11 & iPhone 11 Pro Tips & Tricks

Video Sections
New iPhone 11 Pro Zoom Features – 00:34
iOS 13 Photo & Video Options – 01:12
Live Photos – 01:26
Photo Exposure and Focus Tips – 03:31
Portrait Mode Tutorial – 05:09
Panoramic Photos – 07:36
New Night Mode Photos – 08:27
Video Tutorial – 09:25
Take videos from photo tip – 10:56
Slow Motion Video Tutorial – 11:16
Time-Lapse Videos – 12:27
iPhone 11/11 Pro Camera Settings – 13:34

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Comment (43)

  1. As with one of your first commenters, I too have gone from a 6 to the 11. I went for the pro as all my previous phones were always either last years model or two models ago – this is the first time I have bought a bang up to date phone so I thought I’d better get the pro as it will need to last me probably 4 years anyway. Still very much finding my way round about it, but loving the improvements in the camera. Got the 256 memory one as my 32gig 6 was just full of stuff so plenty room to expand. Excellent video, just what I was needing to give me a heads up with how the controls work as well as the settings in the phone itself – I never even knew they existed. Thanks for that 👍

  2. Okay, just got an 11pro and was very excited to use the close up lens on coins and other small items…. WOW I wasted my money. My old Iphone SE was much better for that. The quality when using that 2x lense is "not good", and don't even try and add more magnification using the digital zooming, your video picture turns into a million dancing spots. "Horribly grainy". All the hype with this phone… I wonder if anyone actually tried the zoom lens, maybe that is why they don't put it on the standard 11. You mention the quality goes down if you zoom, and that's an understatement. You need bright light to keep this lens from becoming unusable to anyone but the most basic user. On the other hand, the wide angle is a great improvement, very nice, and the 16:9 format is great for me when I upload photos for YouTube videos, I don't have to judge the crop area while I'm taking a photo, it's already there.
    Great review though. Thanks for the info.

  3. 3:48 I am seeing you do it but it’s never worked that way for me on my X and now this. Once I tap and hold to autofocus and expose I can not get out of it. If I tap somewhere else it just stays in the locked autofocus and exposure mode and simply puts the point where I tapped. I’ve shot video also and tapped an area to temporarily brighten the scene but once I recomposes and wished for the phone to go back to autofocus and brightness it was the same thing. Permanently stuck in the selective mode. What magical thing are you actually doing there.?? 4:03 not working for me :-((

  4. Hi on 6:56 in this video you show how to edit the portrait picture after taken the photo, are you using other photo editor, I have iPhone 11 Pro and I had follow your steps but didb’t work on mine, could you help me?

  5. Thanks Man,

    This was an awesome tutorial! We upgraded from iPhone 6's that we got in 2014 to the 11 and 11 pro max. The new features are quite nice! Very informative video. I wish I could give it 99 likes.

    But you didn't mention the 360° video filming on the pro model. That was very intriguing. Seeing it on the TV news before the new model came out.

    Overall, it really is the best tutorial I have seen on the new features of the iP11

  6. How about a tutorial for those of us switching from Android to iPhone for the first time and have no idea how to use the basic features of the actual phone rather than just camera info.

  7. A saw a tv commercial for the iPhone 10 where the background was out of focus, but person photographed was in focus; giving the still photo a great 3-D effect. Does the iPhone 11 Pro have this option? If so, how I do I engage it?

  8. Just picked up an 11 Max Pro and need to really explore the camera in-depth which I never did with the 7 + . Your video is a great aid and I shall be experimenting a lot more now .


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