How To Keep Your Laptop From Being Stolen

This video will show you how to keep your laptop from being stolen and how to track it if it has been stolen.


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  1. And these are things that rely on one specific thing….. The Hard Drive.
    Any Dick Weed Joe can walk off with your laptop, remove the HDD and then you're done. You will NEVER see your laptop again.

    This might "help" deter theft of laptops, but it is not a guaranteed stop measure.

    I'll tell you how to get a guaranteed stop measure…….. It is simple. There are 2 ways.
    Bolt & Chain your laptop to a household fixture that can't be taken through the doors in your house. Thieves rely on time and ease of access. If it is too difficult, they'll leave it alone … but they might be so pissed off that they do something to damage it …. like shooting it with a 9mm or smashing it with a crowbar.

    The second is this special one.

    Rig an separate device inside your laptop to monitor a signal from a nearby transmitter. (Think of those door bells that sound late at night when you open the door)

    The moment the distance acceptable is exceeded, have the mechanism trigger something to set off a small bit of TNT or C4 hidden inside the laptop. This will merit the thieves health hindered, possibly severely … but you wont have to worry about that thief wanting your laptop anymore.

    The only draw back?

    Both of these methods will result in the loss of your laptop and any collateral damage. But the THIEF will never touch your shit again. At least that thief and his close friends.

    If you really want to stop laptop theft……..

    Just don't buy a fuckin laptop.
    Or if you do …. Rig your house or your location to self destruct if anyone but you enters the area.

  2. 1. remove polarizing filter from monitor
    2. add polarizing filter to glasses
    3. let every one think you are a madman starring into a white screen and mumbling about obviously fake things like booleans or preventing null pointer exceptions. no one wants to take the broken computer some madman is obsessed with.

  3. I got a tip on how to prevent others from stealing your laptop, it is quite simple actually, all you have to do is:

    Go to your CMD, (Type in 'CMD' under the start button) Then once your in there, write alot of hax0r codes such as: Ping l33thax0rzsaurus Anonymous3Derptrolling1337l33ter, then after doing so, go to the nearby wallmart, and search after a program/item, known as "Super Glue" – Then, once you get back home, you hope that your laptop is still there, if not, then fuck the rest of this ridiculous guide, but if it is, keep reading for own laptop safety reasons.

    You open the Super glue, you lift up your laptop, and then you glue the entire bottom of the laptop, make sure that every single inch has been super glued, then, you place the laptop at the exact position that you want it to be in, (Because trust me, it SUX to have a laptop whom is turned 75 degrees to the left…)

    And you are DONE!

    This easy trick will prevent any thief from stealing your laptop, unless… He decides to take the desktop with him, but what is the chances of that? I mean, … Mine is on my chest. 

  4. what is I disconnect first a battery from laptop then alarm (usb device)  and turn back again battery, windows will automatically restart and you can keep entering a pass without alarm, I Can this device put in a container with water or break.

  5. wine is better overall, no "boot time", and it can run most windows programs much faster and better than virtualbox since it is part of the main OS and not a second thread bogging down to proccesor

  6. why would somebody steal macbook? lolol (overpriced proprietary junk)
    Seriously though…you take a screw driver…take the screws out…pop it open…pull the battery. And you do it away from your safehouse….then bring it home.
    For the record I never done this before…. NSA/FBI looking at this 🙂


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