2019 RTX Gaming Laptops: Dual Channel vs Single Channel RAM

With new gaming laptops with NVIDIA RTX 2060, RTX 2070 and RTX 2080 shipping (including Max-Q versions), you might have noticed that frame rates and benchmark numbers aren’t as high as you’d hoped. Lisa Gade tells you why, and happily it’s a pretty easy fix to gain some serious performance jumps in games- like 20 fps for some titles. Many 2019 gaming laptops ship with single channel RAM (gaming laptops mostly shipped with dual channel in the past), and that might save you money when you upgrade RAM, but it hurts performance out of the box. It’s a single channel vs dual channel RAM comparison in gaming and benchmarks kinda video.


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  1. Honestly I'm pissed that my gaming laptop came with 2×4. I wished it was 1×8 so I could add another. All gaming laptops should have a disclaimer saying that an additional ram module will increase performance by X% and would say they recommend you upgrade.

  2. So a technical question my hp omen 15t qith rtx2070 max q has a 16 gig HP ram sodimm stick i want to go to 32 gigs so can i buy 1 stick of ram 16 gig or should i buy 2 sticks so i would not mix ram brands and if it is ok to buy one can u recommend me a certin one ????

  3. Will the improvement be the same if I us 2x16GB Ram in my Scar 2 With an Rtx 2070?Cuz for an rtx 2070,the performance in games seems low with my single channel 16Gb RAM.

  4. Thank you! I already used dual channel ram 32gb . I played assasins creed odyssey before 30-45 fps ultra .. and now 60-85fps .. never go below 60 . Im using rog strix scar 2 rtx 2060 . Thanks alot . 😊

  5. i like that they provide single channel… so that i can buy another ram stick and get more juice, instead of buying an insane new kit for 400$ that is just stupid

  6. Thanks! This was a very informative video. I actually uploaded a bunch of gameplay videos of the GL704GW with a RTX 2070 on my youtube channel. I got a lot of comments on my videos about upgrading to dual channel. I have only uploaded one video so far with the upgrade but I can already see the difference. I can't wait to try Farcry 5 out and see the difference.

  7. I thought long time before adding another 16GB of ram, and i did at the end.
    It gave me another 20-30 FPS in Battlefield 5 on Ultra with Ray-tracing.
    +30FPS in Overwatch.
    Didn't check more games but it was totally worth it.
    ASUS gl704

  8. i recently (3 weeks ago) purchased a GL704GW laptop with a rtx2070 and im getting 30-45fps in Ark survival. this is an abomination of a laptop, if i could throw it at the company i bought it from i would.

  9. 8:05 So let me just tell you how bad it is to want the GS65 Stealth right now – or, more specifically, it's variant, the GS75. If I want to get dual channel RAM with the RTX 2070 model, I have to either do it myself and void the manufacturer's warranty,, pay $700 more for a model that does have dual channel, or pay $500 more to have Geek squad do it and buy their protection plan because they also break the manufacturer's warranty. So, basically, just to get dual channel RAM you have to increase the cost of the product by around 25% of it's total value ($2300 vs $2800-$3000), and only then will it be able to equal the performance of a Razer or Alienware model with the same exact specifications. Way to go, MSI.

  10. I did the test i was getting a lot less with single channel with my msi gs75. I was so disappointed with the flipped motherboard, well i found a place who did the job for me and now im running 2x16gb-32gb RAM and it a HUGE differences in some many games like metro exodus i was getting a decent 60-75 in a big load and now with dual im getting around 100-125fps on HIGH settings. Excellent video thank you for the good Info. Running a rtx2070 max q BTW.


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